Roberto Tejero Toquero

Universitat de València
Facultat de Química
Dr. Moliner nº50
46100 Burjassot

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Short biography

I am a Professor at Physical Chemistry Department of Universitat de València.

I studied at the Universidad del País Vasco and then moved to Universitat de València for Ph. D. studies (HPLC, HP-SEC) under the direction of Prof. Juan E. Figueruelo Alejano.

Although my Ph. D. studies dealt with synthetic polymers really soon my attention was directed towards natural polymers, specially proteins and nucleic acids. Since I have a natural tendency to work with computers I focused on structural analysis (quality of coordinates, PdbStat) and structure determination from NMR data, trying to automate as far as possible the process (AutoStructure) and also trying to get as much info as possible from the data (Hyper, GenCons).

After Ph. D. I visited Carnegie Mellon University (1991) Pittsburgh, USA, at Dr. Miguel Llinás' lab where I started to be in touch with proteins and NMR. Right after that, I spent one and a half years at the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine (CABM) 1992-1993, 2002-2003) of Rutgers University and UMDNJ at Prof. Gaetano T. Montelione's lab, where I started to work on molecular mechanics and dynamics for structure determination and also started writing PdbStat as a tool to analyze the quality of coordinates and offer help in the process.

Since 1992 I enjoy a very active collaboration with Prof. Gaetano T. Montelione This collaboration has made possible for me to spend almost every single summer since that time at CABM, as Visiting Professor. The research developed at Protein NMRlab of CABM is very active and interesting and with the collaboration of Universitat de València through several leaves of absence and invitations to Dr. Montelione to visit our University, this collaboration has produced several papers mainly devoted to improve the automated structure determination process. In this page you will find links to the programs.