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The Symbiosis (Evolutionary Genetics) group of the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2Sysbio) is devoted to the study of animal and human microbiome from an evolutionary and systems biology perspective. We are also interested in the study of endosymbiosis and natural minimal cells.

Research lines

  • Evolution of animal symbiosis
  • Human and animal microbiome
  • Synthetic biology and minimal cells

Selected recent publications

  • Creus-Martí, I; Marín-Miret, J; Moya, A; and Santonja, F.J. 2023. Evidence of the cooperative response of Blattella germanica gut microbiota to antibiotic treatment. Mathemathical Biosciences. 364:109057. [URL]
  • Bozan, G; Pérez-Brocal, V; Aslan, K; Kiral, E; Sevketoglu, E; Yazici, M.U.; Azapagasi, E; Kendirli, T; Emeksiz, S; Dursun, O; Yildizdas, D; Anil, A.B.; Akcay, N; Kihtir, H.S.; Havan, M; Tekerek, N.U.; Ekinci, F; Kilic, O; Moya, A; and Dinleyici, E.C. 2023. Intestinal and nasopharyngeal microbiota analysis of children with meningococcemia in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: INMACS-PICU Study. Diagnostics. 13:1984. [URL]
  • Pesantes, N; Barberá, A; Pérez-Rocher, B; Artacho, A; Vargas, S.L.; Moya, A; and Ruiz Ruiz, S. 2023. Influence of mental health medication on microbiota in the elderly population in the Valencian region. Frontiers in Microbiology. 14:1094071 [URL]
  • D’Auria, G.; Hodzhev, Y; Aceves-Sánchez, M.J; Moya, A; Panaiotov, S; and Flores-Valdez, M.A. 2023. Genome sequences of BCG Pasteur ATCC 35734 and its derivative the vaccine candidate BCGΔBCG1419c. BMC Genomics 24:69. [URL]
  • de la Fuente, R; Díaz-Villanueva, W; Arnau, V; and A. Moya, A. 2023. Genomic signature in Evolutionary Biology: A review. Biology. 12:322. [URL]
  • Cazzaniga, M; Domínguez-Santos, R; Marín-Miret, J; Gil, R; Latorre, A; and García-Ferris, C. 2023. Exploring Gut Microbial Dynamics and Symbiotic Interaction in Blattella germanica Using Rifampicin. Biology. 12(7), 955. [URL]