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The Symbiosis (Evolutionary Genetics) group of the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2Sysbio) is devoted to the study of animal and human microbiome from an evolutionary and systems biology perspective. We are also interested in the study of endosymbiosis and natural minimal cells.

Research lines

  • Evolution of animal symbiosis
  • Human and animal microbiome
  • Synthetic biology and minimal cells
  • Insect molecular biology

Selected recent publications

  • Aluja, M; Guillén, L; Ochoa, M; Pascacio-Villafán, C; Birke, A; Altúzar-Molina, A; Lamelas, A; Pérez-Brocal, V; Latorre, A; and Moya, A. 2019. La reivindicación de las bacterias. Ciencia y Desarrollo No. 299:2019. [URL]
  • Campos, M; Capilla, R; Naya, F; Futami, R; Coque, T; Moya, A; Fernández-Lanza, V; Cantón, R; Sempere, JM; Llorens, C; and Baquero, F. 2019. Simulating multi-level dynamics of antimicrobial resistance in a membrane computing model. mBIO 10:e02460-18. [PDF]
  • Ballesteros, FJ; Martínez, VJ; Luque, B; Lacasa, L; Valor, E; and Moya, A. 2018. On the thermodynamic origin of metabolic scaling. Scientific Reports 8:1448. [PDF]
  • Delaye, L; Ruiz-Ruiz, S; Calderon, E; Tarazona, S; Conesa, A; and Moya, A. 2018. Evidence of the Red-Queen hypothesis from accelerated rates of evolution of genes involved in biotic interactions in Pneumocystis. Genome Biology and Evolution 10:1596-1606. [PDF]
  • Džunková, M; Martínez-Martínez, D; Gardlík, R; Behuliak, M; Janšáková, K; Jiménez, N; Vázquez-Castellanos, JF; Martí, JM; D'Auria, G; Bandara, HMHN; Latorre, A; Celec, P; and Moya, A. 2018. Oxidative stress in the oral cavity is driven by individual specific bacterial communities. NPJ Biofilms and Microbiomes 4:29. [PDF]
  • Gil, R; Vargas-Chavez, C; López-Madrigal, S; Santos-García, D; Latorre, A; Moya, A. 2018.Tremblaya phenacola PPER: An evolutionary beta-gammaproteobacterium collage. The ISME Journal 12:124-135. [URL]