Sergio Tatay's Personal WebPage

This is my personal web page and is intended to give a brief view of my scientific interest, current research projects and scientific achievements (if any).

As you can see it is still in its infancy, Rome was not built in a day. For the moment, in it, you will only find my CV, links to some of my applications to different Spanish and European projects, some presentations and technical documentation.


This web page originates as an attempt to learn the basics of web developing and to achieve one of the deliverables marked in my on-going Marie Curie Project (SAMSFERE).

Apart from this not so “humanistic” objective this page is also driven for the need to share some of what I have learned during those last years as a researcher. During my career, the easiest part has been research itself. But, I have found particularly difficult all that concerning to project and article writing. I do not intend to teach anybody but just share some information that maybe you will find interesting. Some of then are silly things that now look pretty obvious to me, and probably are as long as nobody reports these small tricks. Sometimes is not so easy to see the wood for the trees.

By the way, I am a great Apple lover, so this page has been optimized for Safari 7 using Dreamweaver CC.

Useful or not in itself, here it is.