Valencia - SPAIN 

18th- 21st December 2023

90 IUVSTA Workshop : Tuning properties of advanced energy materials using modern theoretical and experimental methods 


The meeting will last for four days. The scientific program will start with plenary talks given by well-known specialists, followed by informal discussions in order to encourage the direct exchange between young (students and post-docs) and more experienced researchers. 

The number of non-invited participants is limited to 30 (both younger and experienced scientists) who will be also invited to present their own research in short informal talks and/or posters.  

There will be three major events in Livestream:

Two Round Tables on:

                                                      1.- The role of Large Scientific and Technological Facilities and 

                                            Infrastructures in the materials characterization

                                            2.- Unlocking the design and discovery of innovative materials         

                                            utilizing cutting-edge Artificial intelligence and materials 

                                            Informatics tools

And the launching a platform for materials:

                                                    3.- The launch of an artificial intelligence and materials computing

                                            tools platform

Invited speakers and participants : The list of all confirmed invited speakers will be announced soon

Artificial intelligence for improving and discover of avanced materials 

César ALONSO, AI department of Hi-Iberia, Madrid, SPAIN

Humidity-Dependent Nanomechanical Properties of Halide Perovskites and their Correlation to Structure and Self-Healing” 

Sidney COHEN, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, ISRAEL

Electronic devices with manufacturable two-dimensional semiconductors

Amalia PATANÉ, Nottingham University, Nottingham, UK

Smart Material: An artificial intelligence platform for optimization and discovery of advanced materials 

Eduardo ABENZA, AI department of Hi-Iberia, Madrid, SPAIN

Reducing the Computational Energy Budget: Design of a New Platform for Topological Quantum Computation

Guy LELAY, Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, FRANCE

High pressure synthesis and properties of thermoelectric materials

José Antonio ALONSO, Materials Science Institute of Madrid  Madrid, CSIC, SPAIN

Science at the ESRF

Gema  MARTÍNEZ CRIADO, Scientific Director, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), Grenoble, FRANCE 

The essential role of Large Installation Facilities in the characterization of complex materials

Klaus ATTENKOFER, Scientific Director, Synchrotron ALBA, Barcelona, SPAIN

Piezoresponse Force Microscopy for the study of advanced energy materials.

Christian TEICHERT, University of Leoben & President of the Austrian Physical Society, Leobern, AUSTRIA

How characterize two-dimensional materials

Sofer ZDENEK, University of Chemistry and Technology of Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

Hard X-ray emission spectroscopy in liquids using MHz XFEL source

Gawelda WOJCIECH, IMDEA Nanoscience, Autonomous University of Madrid, SPAIN