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Accessing Academic Journals

Some tips for students of English Studies and translation at the Universitat de València on how to access information about academic journals, and the full text of articles published by academic journals.

getting references |  accessing texts |  lists of journals

How to get references to articles:

In general, use the web search engine Google Scholar (Google Académico), which indexes full-text academic literature of various disciplines.

Mendeley (a free reference manager and academic social network) can also be useful in providing references.

A more specific bibliography is the MLA International bibliography, to which the Universitat de València is subscribed. Use VPN to turn your computer into a terminal of our university's network, go to Servei de Biblioteques <http://biblioteca.uv.es/>, then to "Bases de Dades", then to "Humanitats", and scroll down until you find MLA International Bibliography

Unfortunately, our university is not subscribed to the Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature, published by the Modern Humanities Research Association

You can also use  Dialnet (portal de contenidos bibliográficos)

Through VPN you can also search through digital libraries and databases available through <trobes.uv.es/>
- search for "JSTOR" as a title in <trobes.uv.es/>, and follow the links. (JSTOR is a multidisciplinary digital library of academic journals)
- search for "Project MUSE" as a title in <trobes.uv.es/> (Project MUSE, an online database of academic journals and electronic books on the Humanities and Social Sciences)
- similarly with Proquest Central

There are specialised bibliographies, such as the World Shakespeare Bibliography Online 

How to access the full text of articles.

Once you have selected a reference from your previous search, see if that journal is in our university library : <trobes.uv.es/>
The journal may be physically available (in the Humanities library, they are on the third floor), or may accessible electronically. In this case, use VPN to turn your computer into a terminal as you may come accress references accessible through JSTOR, Project MUSE, Proquest Central, and similar databases or libraries

There is a growing number of open access journals:  (Directory of open access journals)
Amaltea: Journal of Myth Criticism
Borrowers and Lenders
: The Journal of Shakespeare and Appropriation

CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture
 Digital Humanities Quarterly
Early Modern Literary Studies
Early Modern Theatre (except last two years)
First Monday

  Meta (translation)
1611 Revista de historia de la traducción

This Rough Magic (Teaching Medieval and Renaissance Literature)


And a growing number of paper-based journals that are made accessible online
Hamlet Studies (through Hamlet Works )

A selection of paper-based journals at the Biblioteca d'Humanitats (Hemeroteca d'Humanitats):

PMLA, The Review of English Studies, English Studies, Atlantis, ES: Revista de Filología Inglesa, Estudios Ingleses de la Universidad Complutense, IJES: International Journal of English Studies, Miscelanea: A Journal of English and American Studies, Revista alicantina de estudios ingleses, Revista canaria de estudios ingleses, Quaderns de Filologia
Comparative Literature, Essays in Criticism,

Style, New Literary History
Modern Fiction Studies, Studies in Twentieth Century Literature,
Shakespeare Quarterly, Shakespeare Survey,

Lists of journals

Lang., Lit. and English StudiesLiterature | Early Modern  |  Text and Digit. Hum.Theatre  |  Translation | Others (Culture, History, Society )

Specialized journals on Language and Literature

(UV = available at the Universitat de València library)
(e-UV = electronically available through library of Universitat de València)
(JournalSeek = link to info from JournalSeek)

General on language and literature and on English Studies

Atlantis [UV]
BELLS: Barcelona English Language and Literature Studies [e-UV] (Journal Seek)
Critical Discourse Studies (Journal Seek)
English: The Journal of the English Association
English Language and Literature Studies (Journal Seek)
English Language Notes
English Studies  [UV] [e-UV]
ES: Revista de Filología Inglesa [UV]
Estudios Ingleses de la Universidad Complutense [UV]
Estudios Irlandeses
Etudes Anglaises

European Journal of English Studies [e-UV]
International Journal of English Studies [UV] [e-UV]
Journal of English and German Philology
Miscelanea: A Journal of English and American Studies [UV]
The Modern Language Notes (MLN) (Journal Seek)
The Modern Language Review (Journal Seek)
Notes and Queries
The Messenger
Quaderns de Filologia [UV]
Review of English Studies (UV) [e-UV]
Revista alicantina de estudios ingleses [UV]
Revista canaria de estudios ingleses [UV]
Studia Neophilologica (UV) [e-UV] (Journal Seek)
Studies in English [e-UV]
Studies in Literature and Language (Journal Seek)
Studies in Philology (Journal Seek)
Style (UV)
Working with English: Medieval and Modern Language, Literature and Drama [e-UV]
Year's Work in English Studies [e-UV]
The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies
Yearbook of English Studies [e-UV]


Ariel: A Review of International English Literature
Comparative Literature [UV]
Critical Essays

Critical Inquiry
Essays and Studies
Essays in Criticism [UV]
Essays in Literature (Western Illinois University)
ELH: A Journal of English Literary History
Journal of the Short Story in English (Journal Seek)
New Literary History [UV]
Studies in English and American Literature

452f: Journal of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature

Modern Fiction Studies [UV]
Neo-Victorian Studies
Studies in Twentieth Century Literature [UV]

Early modern

Allegorica: A Journal  of Medieval and Renaissace Literature
Ben Jonson Journal
Borrowers and Lenders: The Journal of Shakespeare and Appropriation
Cahiers de Recherches Médiévales et Humanistes (Journal Seek)
Cahiers Elisabethains
Early Modern Culture [e-UV]
Early Modern Literary Studies
Early Modern Theatre
English Literary Renaissance [e-UV]
Explorations in Renaissance Culture
Hamlet Studies (through Hamlet Works )
Journal of Early Modern History [e-UV]
Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Opportunites for Research Renaissance Drama [e-UV]
Medieval and Renaissance Drama
Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England
Renaissance and Reformation
Renaissance Drama [e-UV]
Renaissance Drama: A Report on Research Opportunities [e-UV]
Renaissance Forum [e-UV]
Renaissance Journal [e-UV]
Renaissance News and Notes [e-UV]
Renaissance Papers
Renaissance Quarterly
Renaissance Studies (Journal Seek) [e-UV]
Seventeenth-Century News
The Sixteenth Century Journal
Shakespeare Bulletin: A Journal of Performance Criticism and Scholarship
Shakespeare Jahrbuch

Shakespeare Newletter
Shakespare Quarterly
Shakespeare Survey (UV)
Shakespeare Studies
Shakespeare Yearbook

Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 [e-UV]

SHAKSPER: Global Electronic Shakespeare Conference 

Text and Digital Humanities

Analytical and Enummerative Bibliography
Digital Humanities Quarterly
Editio: Internationales Jahrbuch für Editionswissenschaft (Journal Seek)
The Library: Transactions of the Bibliographical Society
Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America
Studies in Bibliography  Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia [e-UV]
Text and Performance Quarterly [e-UV]
Texto Digital
Textual Cultures
Journal of Textual Reasoning [e-UV]

Humanist Discussion Group

Drama, Theatre

Comparative Drama [e-UV]
New Theatre Quarterly [e-UV]
Revista Digital de la Escena
Studies in Theatre and Performance [e-UV]
Theatre Research International [e-UV]
Theatre Survey [e-UV]

Festival Theatre Review
Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism
Plays and Players
Theatre Annual
Theatre Notebook

Other journals : English Studies, Culture, History, Society

ImageText: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies
Revista de Lingüística y Lenguas Aplicadas (Universitat Politècnica de València)

Classroom Discourse (Journal Seek)
Cognitive Development (Journal Seek)
Cognitive Science (Journal Seek)
Communications from the International Brecht Society (Journal Seek)
Comparative American Studies (Journal Seek)
Contemporary British History (Journal Seek)
Contemporary European History (Journal Seek)
Critical Inquiry in Language Studies (Journal Seek)
Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa (Journal Seek)
Currents in Electronic Literacy (Journal Seek)
Dædalus (Journal Seek)
Discourse Processes (Journal Seek)
Eighteenth-Century Studies (Journal Seek)
English Academy Review (Journal Seek)
English Historical Review (Journal Seek)
ESC: English Studies in Canada (Journal Seek)
European Review of History (Journal Seek)
European Romantic Review (Journal Seek)
First Monday
Gender and Language (Journal Seek)
Germanica (Journal Seek)
Harvard International Review (Journal Seek)
History of European Ideas (Journal Seek)
Human Rights and Human Welfare (Journal Seek)
Humanist, The
ILCEA (Journal Seek)
International Journal of Cultural Studies
International Journal of Intercultural Relations (Journal Seek)
Journal of American History (Journal Seek)
Journal of Ecology (Journal Seek)
Journal of Global History (Journal Seek)
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History (Journal Seek)
Journal of Language and Literature (Journal Seek)
Journal of Languages and Culture (Journal Seek)
Journal of Writing Research (Journal Seek)
Kidscreen (Journal Seek)
L1: Educational Studies in Language and Literature (Journal Seek)
Lexicographica - International Annual for Lexicography (Journal Seek)
LiBRI. Linguistic and Literary Broad Research and Innovation (Journal Seek)
Linguae et Litterae (Journal Seek)
Literary Explorer (Journal Seek)
Multilingual Discourses (Journal Seek)
New Internationalist (Journal Seek)
New Perspectives Quarterly (Journal Seek)
Poetics Today (Journal Seek)
Postmodern Studies (Journal Seek)
Radical History Review (Journal Seek)
Representations (Journal Seek)
Rhetorica: A Journal of the History of Rhetoric (Journal Seek)
Romance Philology (Journal Seek)
Romance Quarterly (Journal Seek)
Studies in Philology (Journal Seek)
Studies in Writing (Journal Seek)
Symposium (Journal Seek)
Textos Híbridos (Journal Seek)
The American Journal of Semiotics (Journal Seek)
The Hemingway Review (Journal Seek)

Specialized journals on Translation