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The Universitat de València, a constant source and stream of knowledge, celebrates its 525th anniversary of educating and shaping society. The Gandia International Centre joins the celebration of this important milestone with the 41st edition of the Gandia Summer University, fulfilling the UV’s two main functions – transferring knowledge to society and providing specialised, quality training. This year, in particular, we have worked at length to reinvigorate and improve these two facets of the UV’s commitment.

In this edition we continue to offer informative seminars for the general public, designed to bring society closer to the most innovative scientific work. In addition, this year’s programme includes specialised seminars for our postgraduate students and research staff, as well as professional guidance and refresher courses for various groups. For the first time ever, this year’s edition has been orchestrated entirely through calls for proposals published by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society of the Universitat de València with the aim of broadening our academic offer as much as possible and democratising the process and participation of the university community in the development of the Gandia Summer University.

As always, with the festive summer spirit that characterises our Summer University, we will continue to promote culture and support the young artists and writers in our region through the ‘Conversations with...’ and the ‘Nights in the garden’ at the incomparable venue of the Casa de la Marquesa.

An institution with more than five centuries of history is often in danger of resting on its laurels. having reached such a significant milestone, we must look back on our past with pride and esteem, but we must not forget that the university must always be at the forefront of the times, more concerned with what is to come than with what has been left behind. It is for this exact reason that the Gandia International Centre and the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society of the Universitat de València, in collaboration with the City Council of Gandia, have worked tirelessly to endow the Summer University with a truly worthy purpose: to mould the minds of the next generations who will determine the future of our society.

Today, more than ever, we want to celebrate, through the Gandia Summer Univeristy, the Universitat de València’s 525th year of educating the public and shaping the future.

       Ester Alba                                                                    Carme Melo

VP of Culture and Society                                                Director of the CIG-UV