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Educaweb Awards for Academic and Professional Guidance

  • June 6th, 2018

Educaweb stands by academic and professional guidance and convenes a new edition of the Educaweb Awards. The deadline for submitting any projects is until July 15th, 2018.

Educaweb has convened the eleventh edition of the Educaweb Awards for Academic and Professional Guidance. The goal of these Awards is to boost any kind of academic and professional guidance and to inform about all the affairs, plans and innovative supplies related to this area.

Any counsellor, professor, tutor, occupational integration expert, psychopedagogy team, educational and occupational training institution, organism, organisation, managing administration, society, company or any person or legal entity related to academic and professional guidance can take part in this Awards.

Projects that address the following subjects will be taken into special consideration:

Guidance in any stage of life

Guidance in the educational area

Guidance in the labour and the entrepreneurship area

Guidance for specific collectives or communities (disabled people, people at risk of social exclusion, etc.)

ICT-related guidance

Guidance that focalises on preventing student dropout and school failure


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