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The Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum arrives at the ETSE-UV with an offer of 60 jobs

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  • May 10th, 2019
The rector Maria Vicenta Mestre, in the Forum at the School of Engineering (ETSE-UV).
The rector Maria Vicenta Mestre, in the Forum at the School of Engineering (ETSE-UV).

The Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum of the Universitat de València arrives this Thursday, May 9, at the School of Engineering (ETSE-UV) with an offer of 60 jobs for the degrees taught at the centre. The meeting, which will take place within the framework of ETSE's Talent Fest, will bring together more than 40 companies from the sector between 01:00 p.m. and 03:00 p.m.

There are 60 vacancies to be filled by the technical profiles provided by the degrees in Industrial Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Multimedia Engineering, Telematic Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Data Science, in addition to the Universitat master's degrees in Environmental Engineering; Electronic Engineering; Telecommunications Engineering; Bioinformatics; Chemical Engineering; Data Science; and Web Technologies, Cloud Computing and Mobile Applications.

The objective is to provide a direct contact between companies and the students of the last Engineering courses throughout a day in which important firms will have the opportunity to bring their practice, selection processes and student internships closer to future engineers, as well as to attract the talent they need.

This year, business attendance will beat last year's figures with the presence of 10 percent more companies: proof that studies related to Engineering and Science have suffered the least unemployment in recent years and the great demand for professionals that exists on the part of employers.  These companies come from a dozen sectors, such as software programming and software publishing, electronics, telematics, videogame design, telecommunications, big data, equipment development and data transmission networks, mobile telephony and the Internet, computer consulting, chemistry and environmental activities.

Participants: AIMPLAS (Technological Institute of Plastics), Instituto Tecnológico del Plástico, Alfatec Sistemas, Analog Devices, Àpunt Media TV, Arca Telecom, Autis Ingenieros, Capgemini, la Chair for Business Culture of the Universitat de València, Cecotec, Celestica, Civired, Dacsa, Dam, Das Photonics, Edicom, Everis, Faurecia, Fermax, Ford, University-Business Foundation of the Universitat de València-ADEIT, Indra, La Tribu Animation, LABORA, LABORA, Dam, Das Photonics, Edicom, Indra, La Tribu Animation, Valencian Employment and Training Service (SERVEF), Leading Management Technology, Mahle Electronics, Maxlinear Hispania, NCC Group, Nunsys, Órbita Ingeniería, Science Park of the Universitat de València, Pavasal, Power Electronics, Quimacova, S2 Grupo, Sagitaz - Zoho, Sopra Steria, Torrecid, Twoweeks.   UPV, Active València. Valencia City Council, Wise Blue and Würth Electronik.

Programme of activities

From 12 noon onwards, companies will be received at the Ágora of ETSE and then the rector of the Universitat de València, Maria Vicenta Mestre, will visit the fair accompanied by the vice-rector for Employment and Training Programmes, Adela Valero; the general coordinator of the Area of Sustainable Economic Development of the City Council of València, Julio Olmos; the regional secretary of Employment and general director of LABORA, Enric Nomdedéu; the director of the ETSE, Paula Marzal; and the director of UVjob, Marisa Quintanilla.

The Joan Pelechano degree hall will be the setting where the conference programme will be developed with the interventions of the coordinator of the Uvjob Employment Area, Jesús Soret, who will talk about external practices as a key to labour insertion; of the Uvjob Labour Orientation technique, Isabel Gosálvez, who will address issues of strategy and personal brand; and of Marisa Quintanilla as moderator of a round table that will reflect on the search for talent by companies.

The conference, which closes the calendar of the Forum for the academic year 2018/2019, will close with a networking space that will facilitate the conversation between the student body and those responsible for human resources in companies to learn about the selection processes of new incorporations.

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