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Institutional information

C1. Referring and validating every file required by the SIIU, the SIUVP and the CRUE within the established time periods. [S1]

C2. Keeping the Strategic Indicator System updated with the last value available on 31 December. [S2]

C3. Updating every ranking in the Observatory of Rankings within a maximum of 7 workdays from the publication of their last edition. [S3]

Studies and reports

C4. Conducting every study and writing every report requested by the Office of the Principal. [S4]

C5. Handing over the Report about Ordinary Activity to the General Secretary office within the established time period for presenting the report to the Senate. [S5]

Funding and resource distribution models

C6. Providing the results of the application of internal distribution models of current expenditure within the established time periods. [S6]

Institutional strategical planning support

C7. Referring every document requested with regard to institutional strategical planning. [S7]

Support to improvement of university units

C8. Ensuring a training session on the process of drawing up service charters for the members of the drafting committees that have previously requested the collaboration of the SAP. [S8]

C9. Issuing the annual report of the UV's SQiF Mailbox of each academic year within the first quarter of the following year. [S9]

Elaboration of official statistics

C10. Publishing the Annual Data Book of the UV before 31 January each year. [S10]

C11. Answering every demand of official statistics of the UV formulated by GVA, CRUE, rankings and other institutions, within the requested time. [S11]

C12. Updating the Internationalisation map of the UV at SAP’s website within the first quarter of each year. [S12]

Note: In each commitment the code of the service associated to it is in brackets [ ].


Relief measures

The users who consider that the unit violates the commitments stated in the Service Charter, they may make lodge their complaints through:

  • The UV’s Suggestions, Complaints and Compliments Mailbox:
  • Written documents presented in the Register Office of the UV addressed to the Analysis and Planning Service

In case of breach, the SAP will inform the user why the commitments have not been fulfilled, and the measures adopted to correct the detected breach.

Failure to fulfil the commitments included in this Service Charter will not give rise to Administrative liability.

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