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Exhibition: Valencian Artistic Heritage. La Eliana, November 5, 2021. Opening: 12:30 pm

  • November 5th, 2021
Image de la noticia

It is an itinerant exhibition project, promoted by the Vice Rector of Territorial Projection and Societat of the University of Valencia, which will allow through 37 panels of text and image, to publicize the value and diversity of the Valencian artistic heritage, from prehistory until the 21st century, with selected examples from different periods, manifestations and typologies, as well as the training, study, protection and dissemination work carried out by the Department of History of Art of the Faculty of Geography and History (UVEG), officially founded 34 years ago. The participation and fluid collaboration of thirty teachers (14 women and 16 men), 80% of its staff, demonstrate the high degree of involvement. Thanks to all the people who have made it possible. 
It will be inaugurated at the Sociocultural Center of La Eliana, November 5, 2021, 12:30 pm, after passing through Alaquàs, Algemesí, València and Alboraia.