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1st call exams of the 1st four-month period 2020-2021 Academic Year.

Exams Calendar


Call exams:

35142 Financial management of tourism companies (GTUR)

35806 Theory of finance (GADE)

35833 Corporate finance (GADE, TADE, GADEONT)

35851 International finance (GADEDRET)

35852 Financial planning (GADE)

35855 Stock markets and strategies (GADE)

35894 International finance (Group AR) GIB

35984 International finance (Group GO) GIB

35915 International financial management (GIB)

35945 Corporate Financing (GFYC)

35946 Financial planning and management (GFYC)

35961 International corporate finance (GFYC)

35965 Corporate valuation, mergers and acquisitions (GFYC)

36156 Cooperative finance (GECO)