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SEMINAR(i): Sexual conflict in ecological context

  • June 11st, 2018
Jennifer Perry

Next Thursday 14 June 12:00 am at Seminar room ICBiBE - SS6 (lower-ground floor, institutes building), Dr. Jennifer Perry (Dep. Zoology, Oxford University, UK) will give a Seminar on "Sexual conflict in ecological context"

SEMINAR(i): Sexual conflict in ecological context

WHO?: Dr. Jennifer Perry (Dep. Zoology, Oxford University, UK)

WHAT?: Evolutionary sexual arms race and environment

WHEN?: Thursday 14/06/2018 – 12:00 am                      

WHERE?: Seminar room ICBiBE - SS6 (Institutes building floor -1)


In many species, males benefit from mating frequently, but females gain little from extra matings. This can set the stage for a sexual arms race, where traits evolve in both sexes to help them best the opposite sex. How much does the environment matter in how a sexual arms race proceeds?  Water striders represent one of the best examples of a sexual arms race: males have grasping adaptations to help them hang on to females, and females have anti-grasping spines that help them repel males. I present recent work showing that these male and female traits evolve differently depending on the local environment, and that water striders illustrate how the battle of the sexes takes place on an ecological battlefield.


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