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  • Equipped and prepared animal facility for the maintenance of reptiles in terrariums.
  • Observation chamber (4 x 1.7 x 2 m) with a one-path glass front panel to observe the behavior of the animal without being observed by them. The camera has control of temperature, humidity and lighting.
  • Filming equipment consisting of two analog video cameras (Panasonic WV-F15HS/AG-7450 and JVC TK- 1070) and an analog video recorder (Panasonic AG- 7330) with a time resolution of 50 f/s.
  • Film equipment consisting of a semi-professional digital camcorder (Canon XL1) and a digital video recorder (Panasonic AG- DV2500) with a temporal resolution of 25 f/s.
  • USB2000 spectrophotometer (Ocean Optics) prepared for measurement of reflectance, transmittance and irradiance.
  • Photographic equipment adapted for taking pictures in the UV (analog and digital).
  • Stereoscopic microscope equipped with camera lucida and photo adapter (Wild M3Z).
  • Software performance records and image analysis.
  • Thermal Imager (Fluke Ti25)