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Standard greenhouse cabin
Brand: “Venlo” greenhouse (10 Units)
Type: Installation

Standard greenhouse cabin type "venlo", with control of temperature, relative humidity, CO₂, lighting and irrigation through the Ridder Multima system for regulation, and climate and irrigation control.


It has 2 independent cultivation surfaces, each of 4 m². Wheels and height adjustment, suitable for growing plants of different sizes. As a complement, they have a plastic microtunnel for propagation and acclimatisation from in vitro to ex vitro cultivation.

Equipped with an efficient inverter-type climate control system and humidification system which allow working in a wide range of temperature (12-50 °C) and relative humidity (30-100%). Zenithal opening ventilation with anti-strip mesh and automatic CO₂ controlling and dosing.

It has two artificial lighting systems adaptable to the characteristics of each type of cultivation and assay. One is a traditional lighting system of 400 w high pressure sodium lamps and the other uses LED technology, developed specifically for horticulture, which promotes plant development, the cultivation of plant tissue and propagation. Valoya's LED lights have a continuous AP673L spectrum which encourages plant growth and produces a rapid accumulation of biomass, improving the quality of the plants, as well as saving energy. Intensity of BX180 lights can be regulated to adapt it to each crop's requirements. It is possible to select one of the two lighting systems or combining the two, according to the type of crop.

Equipped with different irrigation systems to adapt to each experiment's requirements: localised irrigation by drip irrigation, immersion irrigation, etc. Connected to the Ridder Fertimix automatic water and fertiliser dosing system, allowing diverse nutrient solutions to be designed in an efficient and controlled way, adapting to the plant species, the development stage of the crop, the climatic conditions, the composition of the starting water and the season of the year.

It includes MTV Active humidity bulb sensor for temperature and humidity measurement, PARELL radiation sensor, Licor LI-190R-DL-5 Quantum model, and CO₂ measurement sensor.

Electric dams, water from main and osmosis water.

Internet connection through the UV Wifi network.

Practical implementation

The main appliance of the equipment is the integrated propagation and maintenance of plant species, destined to carry out standard tests in ex vitro conditions and acclimatisation from in vitro to ex vitro, as well as experiments which require the use of natural resources and having the plants under extreme climatic conditions.

Through the services offered, all agents involved in the agro-biotechnological production chain find an important tool for the development of new technologies, products and R&D&I services, fostering excellent research and the generating wealth for the agriculture future within a sustainable environment.

Quality certifications

ISO 9001:2015 Certification (Certificate number: Bureau Veritas ES109323)

Terms of use

Infrastructure or space for cultivation on a rental basis.

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