0'7 Committee

The 0'7 Committee "A Ship of Solidarity" is the organ of consultation, coordination, proposal and advice of the University of Valencia in the area of ​​development cooperation and solidarity.

The 0'7 Committee main tasks are:

a) Propose general guidelines on cooperation by developing an action plan and monitor thedevelopment of various programs of solidarity.

b) agree on the liquidation of the relevant year's budget and the budget distribution the following year.

c) To propose the criteria and territorial and sectoral priorities for calls on development cooperation.

d) Ensure compliance with the code of conduct of the Spanish universities in the field of development cooperation and institutional responsibilities of the University to incur in the future in this area.

e) Report on the proposals of the university community and government bodies in the field of development cooperation.

f) Any other functions assigned by the rector, Senate or the Governing Council.

The Rules of procedure of the 0'7 Committee "A ship of Solidarity" at the University of Valencia were approved by the Governing Council of 24 November 2015. ACGUV 253/2015.


  • Vice Chancellor / a International Relations and Cooperation (Chairman, delegated by the Rector)
  • Manager / a University of Valencia
  • Delegate / a Rector of Students
  • Delegate / a Rector for Cooperation
  • Manager / a of the General Foundation of the University of Valencia
  • Head of International Relations and Cooperation, (Secretary)

A proposal of the president, representing the university community and appointed by the Governing Council:

  • PDI Representative
  • PAS Representative
  • Student Representative