Doctoral Programme in Law, Political Science and Criminology

In the event that applications exceed the number of places available, these applications will be prioritized, according to the following assessment criteria:
- Average grade in the Degree in Law, Political and Public Administration and Criminology: up to 4 points.
- Average grade in the Degree in Social Sciences and Economics: up to 3 points.
- Average grade in other undergraduate degrees: up to 2 points
- Average grade in the postgraduate degree giving access to doctoral programmes: up to 4 points. For students who have completed master's degrees in the areas of Law, Political and Public Administration and Criminology, the resulting average grade is multiplied by a correction factor of 1,5.
- Teaching and professional academic experience: up to 3 points.
- Research experience: up to 3 points.
- Accreditation of having a predoctoral scholarship (FPI, FPU, VAL R&D, Atracció de Talent -Talent attraction-, etc.): up to 2 points.
- Other merits (with special consideration of language skills to be credited): up to 2 points.
The applications will be classified according to the studies modality that the applicant prefers, either part-time or full-time, allocating them according to the number of places assigned to each modality (30 part-time 20 full-time). The rating scale referred above shall apply in any of the two modes,
if the number of applications exceeds the number of places available.
The students can change modality as far as they submit the corresponding application form to the Programme’s Academic Committee. Such application form must be appropriately supported by the documents that the student deems to be enough for supporting it. The Committee will ultimately decide on the relevance of the requested change and, if it agrees to grant it, it will deliver the certificate in order to the Third Cycle Service of the University do the modification of the applicant’s
work scheme or mode. In this sense, the academic regulations of the University (enrolment, assessment, etc.) consider specifically and appropriately the case of part-time students.


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