El passat mes de març el Degà de la Facultat de Medicina i Odontologia, D. Federico Pallardó va rebre de mans de Sra. Sonia Clapés, professora del Departament de Bioquímica i Presidenta del Consell Científic d'Institut de Ciències Bàsiques i Preclínicas de l'Havana (ICBP) “Victòria de Girón”, la medalla commemorativa del 50 aniversari de la seua fundació. Aquesta distinció reconeix la labor a l'estreta col·laboració investigadora duta a terme entre les nostres institucions i especialment amb la Facultat de Medicina i Odontologia.
Between the 22nd of February and the 16th March a hundred directors and lecturers of Public Alternative Basic Education centres in Peru will participate in the seminar organised by the Universitat de València. The seminar is run by the Vice rectors of Internationalisation and Cooperation as well as the Training and Educational Quality Policies one.
The Universitat de València will held an informative session by Isabel Durán Giménez-Rico, Vice rector of International Relations and Cooperation at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the aim of sharing with the university community her experience with the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard.
The Servei de Relacions Internacionals i Cooperació organises once more the course "The international mobility programs at the Universitat de València" addressed to the staff in charge of students' mobility management at our University. In this edition, information about the new programs founded by Erasmus+ with third countries has been presented.
The Universitat de València organized on Thursday, 3 December, a session on international double degrees. The session will be inaugurated by the vice-principal for Degree Studies and Linguistic Policy, Isabel Vázquez; the vice-principal for Internationalisation and Cooperation, Guillermo Palao and the general vice-director of University, Research and Science, Josefina Bueno.
From 30 October to 1 November, the Universitat de València has participated in the 2 President of the Republic of Peru Fair, which is carried out at the Lima Chamber of Commerce (Peru), and attended by more than 15,000 university students. This activity is organised within the National Program of Scholarships and Educational Loan (PRONABEC)
Banco Santander collaborates actively in university education throughout international mobility grant funding totalling €320,000. This is carried out through different mechanisms such as the Santander Latin American Grants, consisting of 40 grants of €3,000 to undergraduate students who perform stays in Latin American universities; or the co-funding of grants from the UV International Programme for study abroad in universities at the United States, Latin American, Australia, Asia or Canada.
Els estudiants de la Universitat de València que participen en l’International Mentoring Programme (IMP) han estat rebuts al Rectorat a fi d’avaluar i conèixer les seues primeres impressions sobre aquesta iniciativa que s’ha posat en marxa aquest curs de manera pilot i centrada en l’àrea de la Biomedicina.
El passat 18 de juny va tindre lloc la conferència "Cooperació Universitària entre Colòmbia i Espanya" organitzada pel Vicerectorat d'Internacionalització i Cooperació de la Universitat de València.
The Universitat of Valencia has taken part one more year in the Annual International Conference organised by NAFSA, through the Vice-chancellorship for Internationalisation and Cooperation that took place in Boston, Massachusetts, from the 24th to the 29th of May, and this year it has celebrated its 67th edition under the motto ‘New Horizons in the International Education’.
On Friday May 29th at noon, at the Faculty of Geography and History Auditorium, it took place an informative session for those students who have a vacant assigned in the SICUE exchange programme for the A/Y 2015-2016. Moret than 100 students were informed in how to proceed with all the redtape to study either the whole or a part of the acadèmic year in another Spanish university.
The Universitat has signed its adhesion to the Utrecht Network, which gathers 31 centres in Europe. The Valencian is the second Spanish adhesion, after the Complutense, which integrates this network that encourages student and staff mobility, CV internationalisation, summer courses, and double and joint degrees.