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On an event open to the public, Universitat de València organizes Moonrise, a music and astronomy performance at the Olympia theatre.

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Universitat de València has organized a music and astronomy performance on the occasion of the 10th meeting of the Spanish Society of Astronomy (SEA). This meeting is taking place in Valencia from July 9th to 13th and is gathering 300 international scientists, who are going to present their most recent works. Olympia theatre is hosting the welcome concert on July 9th at 20:00.

The concert is going to be conducted by Bailey-Salgado Project (BSP), a musical and astronomical duo made up by the musician Tom Bailey and the astronomer José Francisco Salgado from Adler, the Chigago’s planetarium.

The goal of this concert, used by the UV to involve the general public in the meeting, is communicating science through art, as well as bringing knowledge on the Earth and the Universe closer to society. The performance, having a detailed synchronization of music and images, includes high definition showing, both live and recorded music, and short explanations on the scientific content and creative process of the works. Tickets cost 10 Euros and are available at the Olympia theatre ticket offices and on its website www.teatro-olympia.com.

José Francisco Salgado, astronomer and visual artist, has had a nomination to Emmy awards. He is also executive director and founder of KV265, a non-profit organization which aims to communicate science through art. He was appointed ambassador of photography of Observatorio Astronómico Europeo Austral (ESO) thanks to his pictore of the night sky in observatories such as Paranal and Alma.

Tom Baley is a musician, composer and producer. He has conducted the Thompson Twins and Babble bands. He has recorded 14 albums and has been producer of artists like Debbie Harry.

More information: www.uv.es/cdciencia

BSP videos: http://baileysalgadoproject.com/videos/

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