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Puchol II and Nacho win the final of the UV Valencian Pilota Trophy

Participants in the presentation of the final.

The two players Puchol II and Nacho have defeated the trio composed by Marc, Javi and Héctor II in the final of the 12th UV Trophy. It has been a very competitive ball game with several phases and the red team has won 60-45.

The blue team was at first more powerful, but the complicity of the couple has made possible to get back in the ball game. Finally, they have won the competition thanks to the last memorable set.

The ball game has started with the trio dressed in blue being well positioned in the pelota court. Marc was overflowing with forces after his recovery and together with Javi, they have reached early the 25-35.

However, the pair dressed in red has known how to react in that situation and they have scored four consecutive sets thanks to their great rapport:  50-35.

It seemed that the victory was for the red team, but the blue team with lots of persistence, has withstood the assault of the opponents. They scored two sets and the red only one (55-45). The last set has been memorable and the red team has finally won (60-45). Nacho has revalidated his title. And it is a double award for Puchol II, who ends up with his degree and submits his final dissertation this week.

Last update: 19 de may de 2017 09:49.

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