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La Nau hosts the agreement of the unions about the linguistic competence of the public staff

Els signants de l'acord de competència lingüística, a La Nau.

The Cultural Centre La Nau of the Universitat de València has hosted on Monday the signature of the agreement that establishes the linguistic competence that the staff of the Valencian administrations need to accredit. The programme has been represented by the vice-principal for Culture and Equality, Antonio Ariño and has had the support of the unions: UGT-PV, CCOO PV and Intersindical Valenciana.

The three general secretaries have taken part in the event: Ismael Sáez (UGT-PV), Vicent Mauri (Intersindical Valencia) and Paco Molina (CCOO PV). They have expressed gratitude for the presence of political parties and entities, which have always been characterised by the defence of culture and the Valencian language. The have also invited the rest of unions to join the agreement. Moreover, they have urged the Consell to include the linguistic competence as a requirement, not only as a merit, in the new law of the civil service.

The unions consider that it is a fact that the Valencian speakers Valencian already have important difficulties to receive attention from administration on equal terms as the Spanish speakers. In order to render effective the right included in the Statute of autonomy that affirms that everybody can speak and be attended in the two official languages, they have signed an agreement with different actions to be developed. These measures will affect about 190000 people.

 In order to ensure the linguistic competence of all the civil servants, the Valencian Government should guarantee the teaching of Valencian. The selection processes should stablish the Valencian knowledge at the determined level.

When it comes to fill the jobs, the union’s representative of the staff of each administration will negotiate its application and the minimum levels of Valencian to be demanded to each one. Exceptionally, in the health area, if there is a need for staff and the latter does not have accredited linguistic competence, they will be able to provide jobs without a definitive character, through a report.

 The agreement plans that the levels of linguistic knowledge established will enter into force in the year of the official publication of the Valencian public service Law. Moreover, Intersindical, CCOO PV and UGT-PV offer their collaboration to the Valencian Government to make effective the requirements of the agreement and to contribute to the improvement of the Public administration.

Complete agreement of linguistic competence

Last update: 28 de december de 2016 09:12.

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