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Polibienestar undertakes a new European project facing the integration of health and social care


The Institute of Social Welfare Policy of the University of Valencia (Polibienestar) takes part in the research Project “UHC 2.0”, which aims to develop new integrated health and social care pathways for early detection of frailty in elderly people, case management of polypharmacy and prevention of falls of these group of patients in order to contribute to an active and healthy ageing in European cities.

The Project “UHC 2.0” is financed by the European Commission with over 1.3 million €, under the HEALTH Programme whose aim is to support projects that pursue to improve the health of the European citizens. The HEALTH Programme encourages one of the priority research lines at European level, the European Innovation Partnership for active and healthy ageing. 

The project is coordinated by Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam and the participants are the Research Institute Polibienestar, the Municipalities of Rotterdam and Pallini, the University of Applied Science Rotterdam and University of Manchester, AGE Platform Europe, ELISAN - European Local Inclusion and Social Action Network, VIDAVO (Greek company of IT applied to the health sector) and the Croatian Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Health Economics. 

The main objective of the Project is to develop, implement and evaluate UHC 2.0 in five European cities with different specific characteristics. UHC 2.0 integrates health and social care at local level for large benefits on a more efficient use of resources and a better welfare of the patients. During the development of the project, other stakeholders from different European countries acting in for the project strategic fields will be involved, including new member states that wish to join the project, consolidating the “European UHC 2.0 Alliance”. Polibienestar will lead a pilot site to implement the programme and will be responsible for monitoring the implementation of all the pilot sites taking part in the project.

Polibienestar is a research institute of the University of Valencia specialized in the field of social policies, both in basic and applied research, as well as in innovation, social technology, technical advice and professional training. Its main objective is to improve well-being and society’s quality of life. One of its main lines of research develops studies and R&D projects that aim to analyze different psychosocial factors related to health and disease that have direct consequences on the welfare (also psychological) and quality of life of people from the positive psychology perspective. Jorge Garcés, director of the Polibienestar Research Institute and Prince of Asturias Distinguished Visiting Professor at Georgetown University (Washington) is the responsible of the research team of the project ASSEHS, composed by Estrella Durà, Francisco Ródenas, Elisa Valía and Irene Monsonís.

+ Info: http://www.polibienestar.org/ 

Last update: 6 de february de 2014 14:28.

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