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Yesterday, debate on the production model at Facultat d’Economia

Universitat de València's Facultad d'Economia.

Researchers and experts debated yesterday at the Facultat d’Economia’s Sala Ignasi Villalonga on the production model. These debates, titled ‘¿Se puede realmente cambiar el modelo productivo?’ (Is it possible to really change the production model?), is one of the several debates Juan José Renau Piqueras on entrepreneurial initiatives. Esteban Morcillo, UV’s Principal; Trinidad Casasús, Dean of the faculty; Martina Menguzzato, full professor of business organization and representative of Fundación Bancaja; and Ramón Torcal, director of Cátedra Bancaja Jóvenes Emprendedores attended the event.

At 10:00, José Ruiz Navarro, full professor at Universitat de Cádiz and director of Cátedra Bancaja Jóvenes Emprendedores of this same university, gave the lecture titled ‘Modelo productivo, emprendimiento y universidad: el caso de la UCA’ (production model, entrepeneurship and university: UCA’s case).

At 10:45, Alfonso Arbaiza Blanco-Soler, director of Fundetec (Foundation for the InfoTechnological Development of Companies and Society) talked about ‘La Tecnología como factor indiscutible para el aumento de la competitividad’ (technology as an undeniable factor for increasing competitiveness).

María Benítez Montoro, director of marketing and communication at Robtonik Automation SL, gave a lecture titled ‘Investigación, Desarrollo y, sobre todo, Innovación, las claves del nuevo modelo productivo’ (research, development, and especially innovation, the keys to a new production model) at 12:00.

A round table is scheduled at 12:45, and the closing ceremony at 13:30. More information and free registration on www.uv.es/catedrabancajauveg.

Compromiso Social Bancaja, the European Union's Fondo Social Europeo and the Cámaras de Comercio's Fundación INCYDE have collaborated in the organization of these activities.

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