Erasmus Agreements

ERASMUS bilateral agreements

The European universities are invited to subscribe bilateral agreements ERASMUS with the Universitat de València in all study areas. The terms and conditions for initiating a request are the following:

1. Length:
In as much as the Programme LLP ends in 2013, only requests for the academic year 2013/2014 will be accepted.

2. Only one field of study:
You can only select one area of expertise for each bilateral agreement (A/B). The number of agreements (A/B) has to be identical to the number of fields of study you are applying for.

3. Period of request:
Requests will be accepted between the first of July and the 15th of October. All requests arriving after the 15th of October can not be considered until the first of July of next year.

4. Level of education:
The required level of education for a request is a Bachelor’s degree.

5. Bilateral agreements for Masters:
Requests for Master are also possible. In this case, you have to specify the exact name of the Master at the University of Valencia.

6. Academic coordinator:
Each request has to be authorized by the academic coordinator of the University of Valencia of the appropriate field of study. We advise you to contact the academic coordinator previously to set up the wording of the agreement. Subsequently, the academic coordinator of the University of Valencia will pass on the request for the A/B to us. Please contact our International Relations Office
(, if you need any information regarding our academic coordinators.

7. Document:
You can use the following document: template of a bilateral agreement

8. Delivery of the documents:
The requests can be send to our e-mail address:
The original documents (for example the signed A/B) have to be sent by post:
Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales
Universitat de València
Av. Menéndez Pelayo, 3, bajos
46010 Valencia
Apartado Oficinal 22085

9. After the final approval and signing of the Rector’s Delegate for Mobility and Exchange, one of the originals signed by both parties will remain in our archives, the other one will be send back to the descent University.