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Knowledge area: CRIMINAL LAW
Department: Criminal Law
(9638) 28142

Alberto Alonso Rimo is tenured professor of criminal law at the School of Law of the University of Valencia (Spain). He holds a degree in law (prize for distinction), 1993, and a Phd in law (prize for outstanding doctoral dissertation), 2000, from the University of Valencia (Spain). He teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Criminal Law I (General Part) and Criminal Law II (Special Part), and he has also taught Victimology, Penitentiary Law, Criminal Policy and Constitution and Criminal Law.

He has been visiting researcher in several foreign Universities and research Centres as the Max-Planck-Institut für Strafrecht (Germany), Harvard University (USA), Università di Modena (Italy), New York University (USA), Oxford University (UK).

At the moment he leads a research project (DER2016-77-947-R, AEI/FEDER, UE) on "Preventive Criminal Justice and protection of Public Order", composed of 25 researchers from different Spanish and foreigners Universities ( and he also coordinates an interdisciplinary research group at the University of Valencia on "Dangerous Offenders". Other of his research areas are: criminalization of preparatory acts and inchoate offences, terrorism offences and fundamental rights, criminalization of social protest, criminal security measures, crimes against road safety, sexual offences, public disorders, the role of the victim in the criminal justice system. He is author and editor of several books and he has published a large number of papers. He has worked as a deputy judge in Spain.

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35228 - External internshipsPrácticum
35321 - External internships in BMA-LawPrácticum
42570 - Master's final projectWork end of studies
43749 - Specialty in criminal practiceTheory
44747 - General principle of freedom: Criminal law of risk. Expansion and proportionalityTheory
44750 - Master's final projectWork end of studies
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