foto Francesc Josep Bayarri Moreno
PAS E.T.S. Informacio
Gabinet de Premsa. Edifici Beatriu Civera. Carrer Serpis, 29. València 46022
(9639) 83932
83932 (I)

Francesc Bayarri was born in Almàssera (L'Horta) in 1961. He works at the University of Valencia where he is coordinator the Cabinet Press. He is a journalist and writer. He has written the novels L'avió del migdia (2002), winner of the 2001 València Literature Prize, Febrer (2004), Cita a Sarajevo (2006), winner of the Valencian Writer's Prize and València sic transit (2016). He also contributed to the collectively-written book Nosaltres, exvalencians (We, Ex-Valencians) and País Valencià, segle XXI

As a journalist, he has worked in El País (between 1990 and 1996), Levante-EMV (1986) and Noticias al Día (1982-1983). He was the first News Chief of the Valencian radio station Ràdio 9 and has also written for reviews such as El Temps, Serra d'Or and Caràcters. 


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