I am a María Zambrano Fellow at the University of Valencia. I am also Profesor Honorario at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Previously, I was a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. Before that, I was a Humboldt Research Fellow at LMU, Munich. I have held full-time positions at Stockholm University and the University of Gothenburg. I have had visiting positions at Tilburg University and the Madrid Institute for Advanced Study.

My current research interests are in ethics, metaphysics, moral psychology, philosophy of emotions, and social and political philosophy. I have published on moral responsibility and manipulation arguments, responsibility over time, the nature and ethics of blame, the nature and ethics of honour and admiration, commemoration, regret, collective shame, the desirability of immortality, and the nature of freedom in Heaven and Hell.

My two main research projects at the moment are on apology and comemmoration