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I lecture on English language and linguistics at the Department of English and German Philology, University of Valencia. I teach English Discourse Analysis to under-graduate students of English Studies, and Discourse in the Media at graduate level. I am a research member of the Interuniversity Institute of Applied Modern Languages (IULMA). My research interests include (digital) discourse analysis, sociopragmatics, and inter-/ cross-cultural communication. I have published in international journals like Journal of Pragmatics, Journal of Computer-Mediated CommunicationLanguage & Society, Journal of Politeness Research, Intercultural Pragmatics, Journal of Language and Politics, Gender & Language, Pragmatics & Society, and Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict. I am editor of several volumes and special issues. I am cofounder of the Approaches to Digital Discourse Analysis-ADDA Conference series and organised the first one at the University of Valencia (2015). 

I have evaluated manuscripts for international scholarly journals and publishers.

I serve on the board of Spanish in Context (Co-editor, since 2019); Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict (Editorial board, since 2013); Internet Pragmatics (Editorial board, since 2017); Verbum et Lingua: Didáctica, Lengua y Cultura (Advisory board, since 2020); English Studies. Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canarias (Scientific Committee, since 2018); and Cambridge Scholars Publishers (Series: Advances in Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis).

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First semester
Thursday de 10:00 a 11:30. DESPATX 074, 6ª PLANTA FFTIC
First semester
Friday de 10:00 a 11:30. DESPATX 074, 6ª PLANTA FFTIC
Second semester
Thursday de 10:00 a 13:00. DESPATX 074, 6ª PLANTA FFTIC
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