foto Elena de Luis Garcia
PDI-Prof. Permanent Laboral Ppl
Secretari/a de Departament
Knowledge area: PROCEDURAL LAW
Department: Administrative and Procedural Law
Despacho 3D03, Facultad de Derecho, Universitat de València, Av. Los Naranjos, s/n, 46022 Valencia.
(9616) 25631

Associate professor in Procedural Law Department. Degree in Law and in Business Administration (University of Valencia, 2009),  Executive Master in Business Law (Centro de Estudios Garrigues, 2012), Master's Degree in Human Rights, Democracy and International Justice (University of Valencia, 2014) and PhD in Law (University of Valencia, 2018).

Her current research focuses on procedural mechanisms for the protection of human rights, both judicial and extrajudicial, an area in which the study on the protection of environmental rights through the criminal justice system should be highlighted. She has also worked on other aspects related to procedural rights and guarantees, such as the right to defence, the right to appeal or the admissibility of witness evidence, among others. She has been visiting researcher in the following centres: Universidad Central de Chile, Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (Heidelberg), Centre for Environmental and Global Justice (Northumbria University), Norwegian Centre for Human Rights (University of Oslo), International Association Human Rights Institute (London).

Member of the MEDARB research group at the University of Valencia and Head of the Criminal Procedural Law Section of the Ibero-American Law Institute. She has participated in several research projects, including Prometeo GVA 2018/111 "Claves de la justicia civil y penal en la sociedad del miedo" and Prometeo GVA 2014/081 "ADR y Justicia: ¿'Glocalización o glocalización?". She is currently a member of the research project "Claves para una justicia digital y algorítmica con perspectiva de género" (PID2021-123170OB-I00) of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

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Tuesday de 11:00 a 12:30. DESPACHO 3D03
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Thursday de 16:00 a 17:30. DESPACHO 3D03
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Tuesday de 12:30 a 14:00. DESPACHO 3D03
Second semester
Thursday de 12:30 a 14:00. DESPACHO 3D03
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