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Department: Computer Science
Santiago Felici Universitat de Valencia ETSE (Dpto Informatica) Av La Universitat s/n 46100 Burjassot- Valencia
(9635) 43563
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Santiago Felici-Castell completed his master's and doctoral studies in Telecommunications Engineering at the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia in 1993 and 1998 respectively. He is currently an assistant professor at the University of Valencia at the ETSE. His work focuses on computer networks, especially wireless sensor networks (Internet of Things), multimedia networks and software defined networks on aspects of synchronization and quality of service, where Dr. Felici has more than 50 articles published in international conferences and more than 30 published in international journals (most included in Journal Citation Report). Mr. Felici is a certified Cisco Systems instructor and coordinator of the Networking Academy at the University of Valencia. In addition, he has participated in several Teaching Innovation Projects and has been director of the masters 'Advanced Sciences of Modern Telecomunications' and 'Routing, switching, problem solving and data optimization'.


Research Lines:

-advanced aspectos on computer networks

-wireless sensor networks (Internet of Things)

-multimedia networks

-software defined networks related to synchronization and quality of service


-fog computing

Subjects taught and teaching methods
34884 - Fundamentals of computer networksLaboratory, Practices, Theory
34902 - Advanced networks ILaboratory, Practices, Theory
44822 - Data Centres and VirtualisationLaboratory, Theoretical-Practical
Monday de 09:00 a 12:00. DESPACHO 1.3. 12 ETSE
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