Germán Llorca Abad completed a degree in Audiovisual Communication in 1998. After working in the public relations department of Gateway Computers for one year in Ireland, he obtained a Master's Degree in Audiovisual Production Management from the University of Valencia in 2000. He has developed his work experience among different media, including Canal 9 - Televisió Valenciana for two and a half years. He is cofounder of the news website

Since 2002 he has held a position as a professor at the Department of Theory of Languages ​​and Communication Sciences of the University of Valencia. In 2007 he obtained the degree of Doctor in Audiovisual Communication with a monographic thesis about the urbanist and French philosopher Paul Virilio. Since 2018 he is a Full Professor of Audiovisual Communication. 

Germán Llorca is the author of more than 100 academic texts on communication in national and international publications. In 2004 he went as a visiting professor to the Universität des Saarlandes and has taught in various courses at the Politechnical University of Valencia, University of Alicante and the Studies Center 'Ciutat de la Llum' in Alicante. In 2018 he was a José Castillejo fellow at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. In recent years he has supervised 3 doctoral theses.