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Knowledge area: ECONOMIC STRUCTURE (specific)
Department: Economic Structure

Dr. Jesús Peiró-Palomino is Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Economics II (Estructura Econòmica), University of Valencia. He holds a PhD in Economics by the University Jaume I (Castellón, Spain). He has been Assistant Professor at University Jaume I (2016-2019) and visited the Aarhus University (Denmark, Fall 2013) and the Utrecht University (Netherlands, Fall 2017). His research interests are institutions and their role in economic development processes, especially at the regional level. He is also interested in the measurement of well-being and social progress, their spatial distribution and their evolution over time. His work has been published in several international scientific journals and he has also participated in different competitive projects.

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Selected publications

  1. Peiró-Palomino, J., Picazo-Tadeo, A.J., Rios, V. (2020). Well-being in European regions. Does government quality matter? Papers in Regional Science, 99(3), 555-582.
  2. Peiró-Palomino, J., Picazo-Tadeo, A.J. (2019). Is social capital green? Cultural features and environmental performance in the European Union. Environmental and Resource Economics, 72: 795-822.
  3. Cruz-García, P., Peiró-Palomino, J. (2019). Informal, formal institutions and credit. Complements or substitutes? Journal of Institutional Economics, 15, 649-671.
  4. Peiró-Palomino, J. (2016). Social capital and economic growth in Europe: nonlinear trends and heterogeneous regional effects. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 78 (5), 717-751.
  5. Forte, A., Peiró-Palomino, J., Tortosa-Ausina, E. (2015). Does social capital matter for European regional growth? European Economic Review, 77, 47-64.
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