foto Jose Vicente Perez Cosin
PDI-Titular d'Universitat
Director/a Titulacio Master Oficial
Director/a d' Institut Universitari
Department: Social Work and Social Services
Dirección de contacto: Departament de Treball Social i Serveis Socials Facultat de Ciències Socials Avinguda dels Tarongers, 4-B. 46021-València. Despatx 1P03. E-mail:
(9638) 28182
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José Vicente Pérez Cosín (1958), social worker, doctor and graduate in sociology, diploma in local development and master's degree in social services management. Full professor at the University of Valencia. He has been director of the Department of Social Work and Social Services (2011-2017). He has been director of the Interuniversity Institute of Local Development since 2022. Teaching in two degrees: social work (research, diagnosis and evaluation; Community Social Services; Childhood and Adolescence) and nursing (health and social work) and in five postgraduate degrees: social welfare: family intervention; socio-health care for the dependent; territory and environment and local development planning; in this last master's degree he was its director (2011-2013). His research experience focuses on the analysis of public policies in welfare systems (Childhood and adolescence, Community Development, Active Ageing, etc...). He is a senior researcher in the area of social cohesion at the Interuniversity Institute for Local Development of the University of Valencia (he is the principal researcher of the Community Social Services SOCIAL-COM group); directs doctoral theses in the programs: "Local Development and International Cooperation" and "Social Sciences". Competitive European R + D + I projects and research contracts. Expert evaluator of the National Assessment and Prospective Agency and the Andalusian Science Agency. Scientific articles in national and international journals of impact, registered in prestigious institutions such as: ISI-Thomson Reuters, Scopus, Latindex, Redalyc, In-Res, DICE-Cindoc. Books and book chapters in publishing houses of excellence such as Thomson-Reuters Aranzadi, Tirant lo Blanc, Lumen-Humanitas, PUV of the University of Valencia; and prestigious as Nau Llibres.Expert evaluator in scientific journals in the area of social work and social services, local development and nursing. He was Vice-President of the first international congress of the social work area. And he regularly forms part of doctoral theses panels at Spanish universities.

He has directed and defended, to date with the highest qualification, twelve doctoral theses. He has trained predoctoral researchers with public funding from national (FPU) and regional predoctoral programs (Val R + D). Awarded by the Generalitat Valenciana (AVAP) with the first prize for prospective research. Positive evaluation of your research accredited by the National Research Evaluation Commission. Vice-president of the Conference of Directors and Deans of the Social Work and Social Services area of Spanish Universities (2013-2017).

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