foto Marta Albelda Marco
PDI-Catedratic/a d'Universitat
Coordinador/a de Programa de Doctorat
Knowledge area: SPANISH LANGUAGE
Department: Spanish
Departamento de Filología Española Despacho 27 Universitat de València Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 32 Valencia, 46010
(9638) 64692

Marta Albelda Marco is an Associate Professor at the University of Valencia (Spain). She is a member of Val.Es.Co. Researching Group (Valencia Español Coloquial), devoted to the study of Spoken Colloquial Spanish. She co-leads the project “Pragmatics attenuation and its genre variation: written and oral discursive genres in European an Latin American Spanish” ( Among her interests are the analysis of oral and colloquial language, the pragmatic communication, corpus linguistics, evidentiality and the pragmatic categories of attenuation and intensification. Her publications may be consulted at the following web address and

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First semester
Thursday de 08:00 a 10:00. DESPACHO 27
First semester
Thursday de 12:00 a 16:00. DESPACHO 27
Second semester
Thursday de 08:15 a 14:15. DESPACHO 27
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