foto Francisco Marco Pico
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Knowledge area: PLANT PHYSIOLOGY
Department: Plant Biology
Despatx 3-20 Departament de Biologia Vegetal Facultat de Farmacia
(9635) 43780

My scientific career started after my bachelor's degree in Chemical Sciences in 1994 at the University of Valencia (UV). I obtained my doctoral thesis in 2000, under the direction of Dr. Pedro Carrasco in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the UV, conducting studies of gene expression and generation of transgenic plants, applied to the study of the implication of the biosynthesis route of polyamines in processes of development and senescence in pea and Arabidopsis thaliana. After that, I joined the Fundación Centro Estudios Ambientales del Mediterráneo (CEAM) as a collaborator (1998-2003) and Junior Researcher (2004-2010) with Drs. Mº José Sanz and Vicente Calatayud where I carried out projects focused on the study of the molecular response of different crops to environmental stress, specifically due to high tropospheric ozone levels. Specifically, these studies focused on determining the possible molecular bases of the differences in sensitivity to ozone that occur between different varieties of crops of interest through transcriptomic techniques, as well as the study of their antioxidant systems (enzymatic and non-enzymatic). Later, I returned to the UV in the Department of Plant Biology, first as Assistant Professor (2010-2015), and since 2015 as Associate Professor. During this period, I have participated in various projects in collaboration with Dr. Pedro Carrasco, as well as Drs. Antonio F Tiburcio (University of Barcelona) and Oscar A Ruiz (INTECH, Argentina), related to the involvement of polyamines in the mechanisms of response to environmental changes and abiotic stress. On the other hand, with Drs. David Alabadí and Miguel Angel Blazquez (IBMCP(CSIC-UPV), contributing with my knowledge in transcriptomic analysis techniques in the study of the interaction between DELLAs and prefoldins in development and stress processes in Arabidopsis. More recently this collaboration has also extended to the study of the molecular response of lichen microalgae to saline and osmotic stress with Dr. Eva Barreno (UV) where I have contributed with my experience in both molecular biology and transcriptomics techniques.

Currently, I have been recognized 2 Six-year Periods of Research (Sexenios): 2002-2010, 2011-2017 (Last concession. 1/1/2018). My works have been cited on a total of 1554 occasions, with an 'h-index' of 11 and an average of 140 citations per year in the period 2017-2021. 11 of my publications are in Q1 journals of the Plant Sciences area.

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