foto Maria Walesska Schlesinger
PDI Titular d'Universitat
Cap de Seccio-Servei
Department: Marketing and Market Research
(9616) 25465

Member of SIV R+D Group (Service+Innovation+Value). SIV is a multidisciplinary network of researchers from different universities oriented to the study of innovation in the service-level strategy development and execution, under a sustainable international and technological perspective, in terms of company-customer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) relationships, both for public and private organizations. The research group is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Amparo Cervera, director of the Institute of International Economy at the University of Valencia.

Research Lines- Areas of Expertise

  • Service Strategy: Analysis of innovation, sustainable and global service models and impact on welfare and quality of life.
  • Service tactics: service innovation, improvements in design and optimization of the value chain of the service.
  • Service actions: related to the delivery of service, the service brand and optimize service experience through co-creation with customers.

Target Audience: Companies, public authorities, NPO and any organization interested in learning and optimizing management processes in a sustainable manner with its stakeholders (employees, customers, partners, suppliers, volunteers), promoting innovation and competitiveness


Subjects taught and teaching methods
35127 - Promotion of tourism organizationsTheory
35128 - Marketing of destinationsPractices, Theory
35145 - External internshipsPrácticum
35146 - Final projectWork end of studies
35801 - MarketingPractices
35871 - External internshipsPrácticum
35872 - Degree Final projectWork end of studies
36366 - Management of gastronomic businessesTheory
40112 - Master's final projectWork end of studies
42983 - Marketing of companies in the tourism sectorTheory
42992 - Master's final projectWork end of studies
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