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PDI-Titular d'Universitat
Vicedega/Vicedegana / Vicedirector/a Ets
Department: English and German
Vice-Dean for Undergraduate Studies Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication Erasmus+ Coordinator - English Studies IULMA/Departament de Filologia Anglesa i Alemanya Avda. Blasco Ibañez 32-6 46010 Valencia Tlf. 96.398.35.83 GENTEXT Research Group:
(9639) 83583

Sergio Maruenda-Bataller is Senior Lecturer of English Language and Linguistics in the Department of English and German Studies and the Interuniversitary Institute of Applied Modern Languages (IULMA) at the Universitat de València. His main research interests are in Social and Cognitive Pragmatics, the interface between Corpus Linguistics-Critical Discourse Analysis (especially semantic and discourse prosodies in the negotiation of meaning)and Translation.

He is currently a member of the research group GENTEXT, where he works on the discursive analysis of socio-ideological texts in the digital media. He has recently co-authored articles with Dr. José Santaemilia Ruiz on naming practices and negotiation of meaning in newspaper discourse (Mouton de Gruyter, 2013) and on the linguistic representation of violence against women in Spanish and British contemporary newspapers (Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict, submitted in 2014). His publication in John Benjamins (2016) is a book chapter on news values on violence against women news reports on Spanish and British press with a view on persuasion. Within the above-mentioned project, Dr Maruenda has co-authored gender-based teaching materials for secondary and higher education with an aim to assessing cross-disciplinary competencies.

As for translation and interpreting, he has co-edited a volume (2017) on the onstutional dimensions of specialised translation in Spain (RESLA, John Benjamins). Besides, he has co-authored (with Dr. José Santaemilia Ruiz) two manuals for trainee translators: An Introduction to Translation Practice (PUV, 2012) and Introducción a la Traducción Jurídica Inglés-Español: Textos y Ejercicios (Tirant lo Blanch, 2018). He has given a number of talks on the teaching of translation through Project-based Learning and on teaching English language for translators. As for translation pedagogy, he is currently working on the in-class implementation of cooperation programmes to assist NGOs with translation or interpreting needs. He has also collaborated in the translation of educational materials for several NGOs.

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