foto Miquel Frances Domenech
PDI-Titular d'Universitat
Director/a Titulacio Master Oficial
Director/a Taller Audiovisuals
Department: Language Theory and Communication Sciences
Taller d'Audiovisuals de la UVEG c/ Serpis, 29 46022 - Valencia
(9639) 83628

Tenured Professor of Audiovisual Communication at the University of Valencia, director of the Official Master in Content and Audiovisual Formats and Director of the Taller d’Audioisuals of the UVEG.

At present he is also the coordinator of the Spanish Universities. He has participated in projects such as: The Communication of Science in Television. Narrative Strategies of the Scientific Documentary in Europe with the collaboration of the universities of Navarra, Pompeu Fabra, Universidad de Oporto and the Free University of Berlin; the Archive of the Valencian Oral Memory with the collaboration of the Diputación de Valencia and RTVV; or Telde: Teleeducación para el desarrollo con la colaboración de la Genealitat Valenciana anf five other public valencian universities.

As director of the Audiovisual Workshop he has been responsible for the production of numerous documentaries of scientific dissemination and educational videos, such as: Memoirs of a School, Valencian Moriscos, 500 Years of History of the University of Valencia, Menu of Genes, Women and Power: Under the Techo de Cristal, Los Cetáceos del Mediterráneo, Creart, The Botanic Garden of the University of Valencia, Del Roig al Blau: The Valencian Transition, Under the Skin of Conflict, Josep Antoni Cavanilles: Valencian Landscape, The " River ", Live Mediterranean or Oenological Territory.

Among its main bibliographic publications are: Audiovisual Communication, Nature Documentaries, Vocational Audiovisual Production Techniques, or Documentary Production in the Digital Era.

On the other hand, he has always had a special bond for photography, an activity he has been doing for more than thirty years. The audiovisual montages on Patagona and Groenladia and other natural environments, collections and historical photography exhibitions, as well as the latest exhibition on the enology world called Vitgrafies, stand out in this regard .

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