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Department: Comparative Education and History of Education
Departament d' Educació Comparada i Història de l' Educació. Facultat de Filosofia i Ciències de l' Educació. Despacho 302. Tercer pis. Teléfono (0034) (96) 386.46.84. Blasco Ibáñez, 30. 46010 València
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Licentiate Award (1997) and Doctorate (2002), at present, and since 2008, is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences of the University of Valéncia, attached to the Department of Comparative Education and History of Education, from which he teaches subjects such as Comparative Education, Development Cooperation and Education, International Education and Intervention and Educational Mediation. Her teaching also extends to participation in various national and international masters and postgraduate programs: she has been co-director and teacher of the intercultural mediation module in the Diploma of Mediation in Socioeducational Intervention at the University of Valencia (10 editions). He teaches in the International Master of Migration (Erasmus Mundus), the Interuniversity Master of Development Cooperation (MCAD) and the Master of Social Action (MASE), all of them from the Universitat de Valéncia. She has been and is also invited to other masters, from the Autonomous University of Madrid, the University of Barcelona and the University of Malaga, with topics related to her research. In 2016-2017 he made a MOOC on "Intercultural and Family Mediation", of 18 hours, for the University of Valencia.

He belongs to the Spanish Society of Comparative Education, of which he was a member of the Board of Directors from 2008 to 2010, to REEDES (Spanish Network of Development Studies) since 2012 (from which he works in the Development Education Group) and the Spanish Network of University Teaching (RED-U) (from 2015-2018, on behalf of the UV) and has been a member of the Plenary Council of the Patronat Sud Nord of the University of Valencia, from 2012 until its dissolution in 2016.

She has been Vice Dean of Innovation and Educational Quality in the Faculty of Philosophy and Science of Education of the UV, from 2009 to 2011. From 2015 to 2018, she has been the Director of the Training Center Manuel Sanchis Guarner of the University of Valencia, from which he has been responsible for the policies of university teacher training and educational innovation of the UV.

During his research career he has participated in numerous R + D, published more than 50 articles in both national and international journals, and more than 85 documents between books and book chapters, some of them in high-impact publishing, such as Springer. He has three terms of acreditated research. He has supervised 4 doctoral theses.

In terms of Innovation, he has participated in competitive projects of educational innovation, of which he has directed 6, related to competencies of the practicum, university teaching methodologies or Service Learning (SL). Within the latter he creates GIASU (University Service Learning Innovation Group) in 2010. In 2015, he institutionalized Service Learning as director of the Servei de Formació de Profesorado Universitari (SFPIE) through the cApSa project. Since 2016 he has managed the GER (Stable Groups and Networks) 'UVapS: Universitas Valencianes pe l'ApS', which currently brings together almost 50 professors from all the Universitat de València (UV) and Castellón (UJI) degrees ) linked to this methodology.

He has attended and actively participated in national and international conferences and has given thirty conferences, national and international (in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, etc.).

In recent years, its main lines of research and study have focused on the main topics of analysis related to Comparative and International Education, making stays for it in the Institute of Education (London), in the IIEP (Institute for Research and Planning Education) of UNESCO (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and the University of Concepción (UDeC) of Chile:

1. Epistemology and methodology of the Comparative Education and International Education disciplines.
2. The analysis of the educational policies of the main international organizations and their relationship with the MDGs (currently MSGs) (collaborating for projects of various NGDOs and, currently, with the Conselleria de Transparència, Social Responsibility, Participation and Cooperation of the Valencian Community for the development of the strategic lines of Education for Development linked to the aforementioned Objectives). 

3. Issues linked to Development Cooperation and its connection with Education, both from the point of view of policies and from the vision of Education for Development (EpD).
4. Study of educational policies aimed at managing immigration and the culture of intercultural mediation, both internationally (in countries such as Italy, Sweden, Portugal or Canada) and intranational (in the environment of the Valencian Community itself).
5. Methodologies related to university teaching (since the implementation of pilot convergence and innovation projects in Spanish universities): Service Learning (SL) and other metholologies of learning and teaching at higher education.

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