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Department: Didactics of Physical, Artistic and Music Education
(9616) 25012

Degree in Physical Education in 1992 from the University of Valencia. Teacher of Compulsory Secondary Education (1992-1994). Full Time Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching of Body Expression (1994-2000). Doctor in Physical Education (1997) from the doctoral program of the Department of Morphological Sciences (Faculty of Medicine, University of Valencia).
University School Professor (2000-2008), University Professor (2008-) in the Department of Didactics of Body Expression, Physical Education Teaching Unit.
Vice-president of the Ausiàs March University School of Teaching of the University of Valencia (1998-2004 / 2006-2008)
Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training at the University of Valencia (2012-2018)
Dr. Monfort has participated in research projects since 2000 as CI in several national projects related to health and technology (SIS-2001-0070-01; FIS2001-0070-01) and in the VLC / CAMPUS project ( Campus of international excellence). IP of the precompetitive project UV-AE-07-457, financed by the Vice-Rectorate of Research of the University of València, and IP of the project TEC-2007-68119-C02-02, of the national plan financed by CICYT.
Director of three doctoral theses (Bosch-Bivia, 2022, Miñana-Signes, 2017 and Díaz-Barahona, 2016) on topics related to education for health, development and validation of measuring instruments on knowledge, habits and attitudes, and on digital competence in the educational context .
Author of more than 40 research articles, more of them published in journals indexed in JCR (5Q1 + 5Q2 + 5Q3) in the areas of REHABILITATION (Science Ed.), ORTHOPEDICS, COMPUTER SCIENCE, HEALTH CARE SCIENCE AND SERVICES and in SJR. The topics have been related to functional assessment through the use of electromyographic techniques, evaluation of levels of physical activity practice and health education and development and validation of measurement instruments to assess knowledge and habits of students.

Director of the Research Group on Spine Health Education (

Collaborator of the Pedagogical Content Knowledge research group (

Advisor to the Director General of Universities (2019-2020) for the study and modification of specific access tests for access to education and health degrees.

Advisor to the Commissioner of the Presidency of the Generalitat Valenciana for the development of the Valencian Mental Health Plan 2021-2023.


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