foto Vicente A. Martinez Tur
PDI Catedratic/a d'Universitat
Director/a Titulacio Master Oficial
Department: Social Psychology
IDOCAL (Instituto de Investigación en Psicología de los RRHH, Desarrollo Organizacional y Calidad de Vida Laboral) Facultad de Psicología. Avenida Blasco Ibáñez 21
(9639) 83607

Vicente Martinez-Tur is a full Professor in Organizational Psychology at the University of Valencia. He is member of the IDOCAL (Research Institute of Personnel Psychology, Organisational Development, and Quality of Working Life). He has published numerous research studies in the discipline in books and international scientific journals. He coordinates several research projects about the impact of organizational and work processes (justice, climate, emotional labor) on external reactions of customers (satisfaction, quality of life). He is also interested in the investigation of inter-group relationships. One of his main research contexts is the sector of services for individuals with intellectual disability and processes and interventions to improve quality of life of service users.

Subjects taught and teaching methods
42742 - Sistemas retributivosPractices, Theory, Tutoring
44838 - Orientation courseTheory
44841 - Organizational psychology and organizational behaviourTheory
44846 - Intervention in organizations. Organizational change and developmentTheory
44847 - Psychological assessment and guidance in human resources managementTheory
44854 - Winter School: Organizational PsychologyOthers
44855 - Winter School: Personnel PsychologyOthers
44859 - Research and master thesis IIWork end of studies
46458 - Organizational psychology interventionsTheoretical-Practical
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