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Department: Behavioral Sciences Methodology
Nuevo edificio Psicología, 1ºpiso, despacho M-109.
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Amparo Oliver, female. PhD in Psychology, Full Professor in Quantitative Methods Applied to Behavioral Sciences at University of Valencia, SPAIN. Head of the interdisciplinary PhD program in Promotion of Autonomy and Socio-Sanitary Care. Head of ARMAQoL research group (Advanced Research Methods Applied to Quality of Life, GIUV-2017-359). Four 6-year research periods acknowledged by ANECA. index h: 25, index i10 = 41.


Main domain: Research in advanced statistical models applied to quality of life and welfare promotion. Some particular fields with relevant gender perspective: successful aging; dignity & quality at the end of life (palliative care patients and professionals inner CV); gender violence (diagnostic and intervention); equity and entrepreneurship from education. About 120 publications in journals as Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Structural Equation Modelling, Social Indicators Research, Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, European Psychologist, Work & Stress, etc.


Research visits & collaborations with Kenneth A. Bollen (UNC Chapel Hill), Alistair Cheyne (Loughborough University), Barry Schneider (University of Ottawa, currently Boston College); Julian Montoro (UNCC at Charlotte), Shane Sinclair (Calgary), Eve Ekman (San Francisco, USA), David Kissane (Monash University), Michael Silbermann (Middle East Cancer Consortium), in Brasil (CNPq) and Argentina (Prof. Gustavo de Simone, Pallium). Currently in a funded short research stay with Prof. Donna Hicks at Weatherhead Center for International Affairs Harvard (Boston, USA) an active center in Gender Studies (


Research transference profile includes impact actions dealing to the Award in Research Transference 2016 given by Federation of Valencian Neighborhood Associations. Some nationwide contributions to quality of life promotion are audiovisuals evidence based for aging care: Tú que cuidas, cuídate (Caregiver self-care) and Buenos Recuerdos (Good Memories) on Early detection of Mild Cognitive Impairment. Intervention protocols as GES and KIBO at the end of life. In gender violence with ICT-enabled interventions on adolescence app Liad@s, and convicted abusers (Context Program with Prof. Lila). Finalist in International Documentary Film Festival MIRADAS.Doc 2013.



  1. Oliver, A. Tomás, JM, and Montoro-Rodriguez, J. (2017). Dispositional Hope and Life Satisfaction among Older Adults Attending Lifelong Learning Programs.  Archives in Gerontology and Geriatrics,72:80-85. doi: 10.1016/j.archger.2017.05.008. Q2
  2. JM Tomás, P Sancho, L Galiana, A Oliver. (2016). A Double Test on the Importance of Spirituality, the “Forgotten Factor”, in Successful Aging. Social Indicators Research, 127 (3), 1377-1389. Q1
  3. Fombuena, M., Galiana, L., Barreto, P., Oliver, A., Pascual, A., & Soto, A. (2016). Spirituality in patients with advanced illness: the role of symptom control, resilience and social network. Journal of Health Psychology, 21(12), 2765-2774. Q2.
  4. Sansó, N., Galiana, L., Oliver, A, Pascual, A., Sinclair, S., & Benito, E. (2015). Palliative Care Professionals’ Inner Life: Exploring the Relationships Among Awareness, Self-Care and Compassion Satisfaction and Fatigue, Burn Out, and Coping with Death. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. DOI: 10.1016/j.jpainsymman.2015.02.013. Q1.
  5. D Rudilla, L Galiana, A Oliver, P Barreto. (2016). Demoralization Scale in Spanish-speaking palliative care patients. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 51 (4), 769-775. Q1



  • PSI2014-53280-R. Longitudinal study of successful aging in learning programs throught life: impact on bio-psychosocial welfare. MINECO, I+D Social Challenges 2015-17. IP A. Oliver & JM Tomás.
  • Ref: 154/12. Spatial epidemiology of gender violence and characteristics of neighborhoods: A pilot study in the city of Valencia. Institut for Gender Studies (Ministry of Equity & Social Affairs). IP Enrique Gracia, 2013-4.
  • Research transference projects regarding Gender & Quality of Life Promotion: Development and validation of Liad@s, the first free psycho-educative App to prevent dating violence in adolescents. Valoritza 2015 I+D funding program. Development & validation of “app 50+”( promoting self-care integrating physical, social and psycho-emotional health in aging, 2018)
  • Cross-cultural inner CV in palliative care professionals. IP of the International project, coordinating more than one thousand professionals from Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Chile diagnoses & intervention.

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