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Dr. Pedro Cantos Sánchez has a degree in Economics at the Universidad de Valencia (Valencia, Spain). He is Master in Transport Economics at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and doctor in Economics (with honors) at the Universidad de Valencia. Currently he is Professor of Economics at the Economic Analysis Department of the Universidad Valencia and researcher of the ERI-CES also of the Universidad de Valencia. His main research areas are the transport economics, applied industrial organization, liberalization and deregulation, and efficiency and productivity in transport markets. He has published numerous papers in prestigious journals as Transport Reviews, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, Transport Policy, Journal or Transport Economics and Policy, Regional Science and Urban Economics, The Manchester School, Transportation, International Journal of Transport Economics, Economics of Transportation and Research in Transportation Economics. He has collaborated in 22 competitive national research projects (being Principal Researcher in 6 projects), in two European projects and a project for the World Bank. He has participated in 75 international and national conferences, and taught numerous seminars in prestigious universities and research centers.


Five selected/recent publications:


  1. Cantos, P. (2020). “A three-stage competition game in an air transport network under asymmetric valuation of flight frequencies”. Economics of Transportation 21 (2020) 100141 (jointly with O. Álvarez, R. Moner and J.J. Sempere). Impact factor: 1.750
  2. Cantos, P (2018). “The impact of scrappage programmes on the demand for new vehicles: Evidence from Spain”. Research in Transportation Economics (jointly with E. Gutiérrez and I. Mulalic), vol 70, 83-96. Impact factor: 1.798.
  3. Cantos, P. (2015). “The impact on port competition of the integration of port and inland transport services”. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, Vol. 80, 291- 302 (jointly with O. Álvarez, R. Moner and J.J. Sempere). Impact factor: 2.952.
  4. Cantos, P. (2013). “Competition and horizontal integration in maritime freight transport”. Transportation Research Part E, vol 51, 67-81 (jointly with O. Álvarez, R. Moner and J.J. Sempere). Impact Factor 2013: 2.193
  5. Cantos, P. (2012). Evaluating European railway deregulation using different approaches”.  Transport Policy, vol. 24, 67-72 (jointly with J. M. Pastor, and L. Serrano. Impact factor: 1.541.
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