foto Rafael Ballesteros Garrido
PDI Ajudant Doctor/A
Vicedega/Vicedegana / Vicedirector/a Ets
Department: Organic Chemistry
(9635) 44151

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I graduated in Chemistry from the University of Valencia in 2006 (Extraordinary end-of-career prize), in Chemical Engineering, Organic chemistry specialty, from the École Européenne de Chimie, Polymères et Materiaux de Strasbourg in 2006 (ECPM, France). I obtained my Master's Degree in Supramolecular and Macromolecular Chemistry from the University Louis Pasteur in September 2006 (Strasbourg). I did my PhD in the group of Pr. Leroux (Bayer-CNRS laboratory) and Pr.. Colobert (Syncat) obtaining on 9/10/2009 the European PhD from the University of Strasbourg. Next, I made a postdoctoral stay with Prof. Jerome Lacour (Geneva, Switzerland) for a year and a half and another with Pr. Hermenegildo Garcia and Pr. Mercedes Alvaro (ITQ-UPV, SPAIN) for one year and 8 months. In 2013, I obtained a position as researcher (Phd Junior fellow) in the Department of Organic Chemistry of the University of Valencia (UVEG) associated with a CONSOLIDER project (SUPRAMED). In April 2014 I have won to the position of associate professor of 6 + 6. In July 2015 I joined the group of E. Garcia Spain (ICMOL, Valencia) as postdoctoral researcher of the ministry (former Juan de la Cierva fellow, 2013 of 2 + 2 years). In November 2017 I joined the CSIC in the group of Dr. Rodrigo as a postdoctoral researcher (I2SysBio, CSIC / UVEG). In November 2018 I won a possition as Professor Ajudant Doctor at the Organic Chemistry department from University of Valencia

Current Reserarch lines:

Hyrdrogen Autotransfer (Borrowing Hydrogen) Reactions with Heterogeneous Catalyst and diols

Macroscopic size nanostructured porous MOF-like materials

Sensors and Exoctic interactions


Teaching 2020-2021

Orgànica III (Grup C)

Lab Quimica Orgànica CL1

Lab Quimica Orgànica II CL1

Subjects taught and teaching methods
34205 - Organic Chemistry IIITheory, Tutoring
34207 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory IILaboratory, Tutoring
36455 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory ILaboratory, Tutoring
36472 - Degree Final projectWork end of studies
44716 - Master's final projectWork end of studies
Second semester
Friday de 09:30 a 12:30. DESPATX FAC. FARMACIA 4ª PLANTA 4-39
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