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Department: Business Administration 'Juan José Renau Piqueras'
Facultat d'Economia Primera planta Despatx A05
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Member of the research group in human resources strategy, knowledge management and innovative and entrepreneurial behavior - RRHHCIRO


Bachelor of Economic and Business Sciences.

Ph D. in Economic and Business Sciences from the Universitat de València.

Associate Professor at the area of Business Organization of the Department of Business Management Juan José Renau.

I also speak Spanish and Catalan, French, English (with some limitations), and some Portuguese.


I have published 30 articles, as well as other contributions (book reviews, guest editor ...), and I have several papers in evaluation process in journals such as Service Industries Journal, Management Decision, Service Business, Journal of Business Research, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, Innovar Journal, Revista Brasileira de Gestao de Negócios, Estudios Gerenciales, Cuadernos de CC. EE. y EE. de la Universidad de Málaga, Dirección y Organización, Esic-Market, TEC Empresarial, Perspectiva Empresarial, Suma de Negocios, Arxius de Ciències Sociales, Ciriec-España y la Revista Valenciana d’Estudis Autonòmics.

I have been coauthor of 3 books and author or coauthor of 13 book chapters.

I have presented more than 60 papers in various national and international forums such as: Iberoamerican Academy of Management; European Academy of Management, International Network of Business & Management Journals, Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy, Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities, Scientific Association of Economics and Business Management, European Academy of Management and Business Economics, Iberoamerican Motiva Seminar, Seminars Hispano-Lusas, Congress of Researchers in Social and Cooperative Economy, Euro-Latin American Conference, etc.

I have participated as a principal investigator, researcher or collaborator in a dozen competitive and precompetitive research projects.

With regard to transfer activities, I have participated as a researcher, in some cases, and as a responsible researcher, in others, in 9 OTRI collaboration contracts with organizations including Ford España SA, Valencian Youth Institute, Conmac Consultants and Valencian Association of Carpentry and Allied Businessmen ASEMAD. Likewise, I have made specific interventions in companies and institutions such as Bronces Mestres, Cerámicas Azteca or the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón and acted as an expert in a cause of dismissal for objective reasons.

I have been a member of the Scientific Committee, Organized Committee and Chair of some of the congresses mentioned (International Network of Business & Management Journals, State Congress of University Centers of Labor Relations and Labor Sciences, Iberoamerican Academy of Management).

I have supervised 5 doctoral theses and I am currently directing 4 others. Also, I have directed many final works of Master and Degree, as well as a work on "Work Management: Attraction and retention of talent of the new generations, I Cum Laude Award of MANPOWER research.

University management:

Participation in different university management bodies, both at the Department, Faculty and University levels.

At the University level,

Member of the Senate and the Disciplinary Committee of the University of Valencia (3 years).

Member of the Postgraduate Commission (3 years)

Member of the Commission in charge of the preparation of the proposed Regulation of deposit, evaluation and defense of the doctoral thesis approved in 2016.

At the Faculty level:

Vice-dean of Academic Organization and Post grade of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the UVEG for 3 years.

Member of the School Board of the School of Labor Relations and the Board of the Faculty of Social Sciences; as well as the Contracting Commissions of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Economics.

Representative of the Faculty of Social Sciences in the Association of University Centers of Labor Relations and Labor Sciences (2 years).

I have chaired the Commission for the Development of Study Plans for the Doctorate in Social Sciences of the University of Valencia regulated by RD99 / 2011 and has been a member and secretary of the Academic Committee of said doctorate (of which he has been Acting Coordinator) during 4 years

Member of various Academic Commissions of Master and degree titles.

At the departmental level, I have been a member of the Board, the Permanent Board and the Teaching Commission of the Department of Business Management, as well as participating in the working group that drafted the Department's regulations.

Teaching-research assessment:

International expert and evaluator of the Master and Doctorate in Administration of the National University of Colombia.

Evaluator of research projects of the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia.

Member of REPRISE, Register of Scientific Experts of the Ministry dell 'Instruzione, dell' Università e della Ricerca (Italy).

I have been a program evaluator of grants for the financing of young entrepreneurs of the Valencian Youth Institute for 8 years.

I am a member of the Scientific Association of Economics and Business Management and of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management.

Likewise, he is or has been a member of the Scientific Committee and Associate Academic Editor of the Innovar Journal and a member of the Editorial Board of the Global Business Perspectives magazines (now disappeared) and Estudios Gerenciales.

I am reviewer of several international magazines such as: Small Business Management, Service Business, Service Industries Journal, International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Business Research Quarterly, Global Business Perspectives, Baltic Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Change Management , International Journal of Emerging Markets, Journal of Business Research Estudios Gerenciales, Cuadernos de Administración, TEC Empresarial, Perspectiva Empresarial, Cuadernos de Administración, etc.

Representative of the Global University Entrepreneurial Spitrit Students' Survey at the University of Valencia.

I have participated as a member of the panel of experts in the research "Design and experimentation of a program of young university graduates in the competences necessary to transition to self-employment", carried out by the Federation of Businessmen of Commerce of Zaragoza.

I have participated as a member of the panel of experts validating a scale of HR practices, carried out by the research team of Jose María Peiró, from the Department of Social Psychology at the University of Valencia.


I have currently taught or taught in the following degrees:

Various degrees in the area of the Social Sciences: Bachelor of Business Administration and Management, Bachelor of Economics, Diploma in Business Studies, Diploma in Tourism, Diploma in Labor Relations, Bachelor of Labor Sciences and Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources.

Doctoral Program "Work at the beginning of the 21st century", Doctoral Program in Business Management and Doctoral Program in Social Sciences at the University of Valencia.

I have given Doctoral Seminars at the ICESI University, the University of Antioquia, the National University of Colombia and the Universidad del Rosario.

I have dictated a good number of conferences in different Spanish and Colombian research centers.

Professor of the Official Master in Business Strategy of the Department of Business Management, Official Master of Employment and HR and Official Master of Management and Human Resources Management of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Professor of the Official Master Plan and Control of Business Processes of the University of Valencia

Advisor and tutor of the Master's Degree in Official University Master in Innovation and Development of Business Projects of Florida University.

I have also participated in an MBA from the ICESI University and in the Master of Administration from the National University of Colombia.

I have been coordinator between 2005 and 2012 of the training program of the Valencian Institute of Public Administration of "Direction of Human Resources in the AA.PP." and it has been the program of the Servei de Formació Permanent of the University of Valencia "Strategy and Human Resources in the UVEG "during the years 2009 and 2010.

I have participated or currently participate in different graduate programs such as, among others: the Master in Management of Ford Concessions, the Diploma of Management Skills (University of Valencia and Ford Spain SA), Master in Strategic Management of Sports Organizations (University of Valencia and Valencia Club de Fútbol Foundation), Diploma in Basic Management of the Railway Company; Diploma in Management Research; Master in Management Skills; Diploma on the Directive Function in the Public Administration, etc.

I have also been a teacher in training courses on teamwork, motivation, salary systems, time management, quality and human resources, etc. Courses taught, among others, at the City Council of Palma de Mallorca, FEMEVAL Metal Federation, Valencian Institute of Public Administration, Castellón Chamber of Commerce, Aztec Ceramics, VAERSA, Bronces Mestre, etc.

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