foto Giada Sira Romitti -
PI-Invest Formacio Predoc Ministeri
ETSE-UV Desp. 1.2.29

I studied a bachelor's degree in Mathematics, a specialisation in teaching secondary school science subjects and a master's degree in Mathematics for Biomedical Applications at the University of Trento (Italy). I did my master thesis at ETH Zürich (Switzerland) developing an in silico and in vitro comparison of the fluid dynamics of coronary arteries. The path I embarked on yields competences in mathematics, numerical computation, physics, physiology, applicable to a range of disciplines in medicine, pharmaceuticals, health services. I am currently a PhD student in the CoMMLab research group at the University of Valencia, specialized in biomedical engineering research. In particular, my PhD course focuses on atrial electrophysiology simulations. Fluent in Italian (mother tongue), English, Spanish and Valencià. Technical proficiency in computer coding.

Subjects taught and teaching methods