foto Elia Saneleuterio Temporal
PDI Contractat/Da Doctor/A
Department: Language and Literature Education
Facultat de Magisteri - Despatx EP.03 Avda. Els Tarongers, 4; 46022 València (Espanya)
(9616) 25353

Elia Saneleuterio is a faculty member (Profesora Contratada Doctora /Associate Professor) in the Department of Language and Literature Teaching at the University of Valencia, Spain. She received her Ph.D. cum laude, in 2011. She graduated in Spanish Philology and Education; she got a master’s degree in Specific Didactics Research (Language and Literature Teaching).

She was Visiting Scholar at Università di Bologna (Italy) (2009), Uniwersytet Wrocławski (Poland) (2012), University of California, Berkeley (USA) (2016), Universidade do Minho (Portugal) (2017), Universidad Católica Boliviana (Bolivia) (2017), Rutgers University, Newark (USA) (2018) and Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne (France) (2019), among others.

Her earlier research has focused on Spanish Poetry, field where she contributed with many lectures and scholar papers. More recently, she has focused on the study of assessment in High Education, cooperative learning, collaborative review processes, teaching and learning of spelling, vocabulary, grammar… (in Spanish as L1). She is also conducting research about literary education, symbols, character constructions, children's animation movies, etc.

She is the director of the research group TALIS and also several international conferences (XXIX AEGS, CICELI). 


Subjects taught and teaching methods
33606 - Spanish language for teachersTheoretical-Practical
33640 - School placement (Infant Education) IPrácticum
33641 - School placement (Infant Education) IIPrácticum
33642 - School placement (Infant Education) IIIPrácticum
33643 - Degree final Project (Infant Education)Work end of studies
40523 - Complements for teaching spanish language and literatureTheoretical-Practical
40564 - Practicum. Spanish language and literaturePrácticum
42258 - Master's final project: speciality spanish language and literatureWork end of studies
43491 - Master's final projectWork end of studies
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