foto Sergio Valero Gomez
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Department: Early Modern History

PhD in Contemporary History from the University of Valencia (2012), he is a specialist in the Second Republic and the Civil War. He has worked on Spanish and Valencian socialism during the 1930s, especially on its organization, its internal conflicts and its relationships with democracy, with reformism –also educational– and with other political actors of the time. All this trying to highlight the power of the municipality as a “natural place” for actions of this type, and with an express comparative desire both with the rest of Spanish socialisms and with other European socialisms of the moment.

He currently manages, together with Dr. Aurelio Martí Bataller, the research project of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation “El antifascismo socialista en el período de entreguerras: municipalismo, reformismo y nación en el sur de Europa” (PID2020-114379GA-I00). And he is a member of the Prometeo Excellence Research Group Grup d’Estudis Històrics sobre les Transitions i la Democràcia (GEHTID – GVPROMETEO/2020/050), run by Dr. Ana Aguado Higón and funded by the Generalitat Valenciana; and the group of the same name from the University of Valencia (GIUV-2013-060) run by Dr. Aurora Bosch Sánchez. In addition, he belongs to the Comisión de Coordinación del Aula de Historia y Memoria Democrática of the University of Valencia and coordinates the Ronald Fraser Oral Sources Laboratory, also of said university.

Of his production it is worth highlighting the books Republicanos con la Monarquía, socialistas con la República. La Federación Socialista Valenciana durante la Segunda República y la Guerra Civil (PUV, 2015) and Ni contigo ni sin ti. Socialismo y republicanismo histórico en la Valencia de los años treinta (Alfons el Magnànim, 2015). He is also editor of several collective works and author of numerous articles in scientific journals and book chapters.

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