The Law Faculty will lead a European research network analyzing the effects of the sharing economy on inequality across Europe

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  • August 6th, 2019
Facultat de Dret.
Facultat de Dret.

The University of València, through its Faculty of Law Research Group focusing on markets regulation and digital transformation (REGULATION UV) and within the framework of Erasmus + new calls instigated by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, will join the European research network of sharing economy and inequalities across Europe for the following years.

The Jean Monnet SHINE (Sharing Economy and Inequalities across Europe) Network is a joint initiative of a group of European and research and higher education institutions that have excelled  in the study of the social and economic consequences of the various models of markets regulation, the changes generated by the new markets of digital intermediation and the ‘sharing economy’, as well as in the proposals for political responses that would tackle some of the problems that they might create, especially focusing on the inequalities that these models can accentuate.

The project integrates the analytical study of the consequences of the different regulatory models, paying special attention towards the most effective experiences regarding the protection of social groups in need, and the regulation proposals for these news markets that properly combine the most efficient and flexible approach for the providers with an adequate protection for the citizens and ensuring social justice. This approach has been considered as especially relevant for the European Commission. 

The activities of the SHINE Network will take place at least until 2022 and will comprise not only university research, but an intense training and work carried out with institutions and other economic actors, such as public administrations from several European countries and technologic and innovation hubs. With a budget around 400.000€, to which the European Union will contribute with 299.876,01€, the network also aims to hold a range of scientific congresses and academic events orientated towards the study and discussion of the better regulation of specific markets, such as transportation or collaborative accommodation, as well as to analyze the possible problems of algorithmic discrimination or the digital intermediation biases and its effect on equity.

The University of València, through its research group REGULATION enacting as the lead parent of the network, will organize and develop an intense activity in it that will include the celebration of a European Summer School oriented towards young academics specialized in the regulation of digital and collaborative markets, various meetings and academic congresses, as well as an intensive research activity in taxation, workers rights, protection of minorities and public regulation, in collaboration with institutional and technological partners. The research group in market regulation and digital innovation has been developing its work over the last years with funds from the Spanish Government, the Generalitat Valenciana and the support of the innovation center ‘Las Naves’, center that belongs to the València Council. This institution, together with the University of València, sponsors from this year on the Chair for Collaborative Economy and Digital Transformation, which from this moment onwards will be able to develop activities also with a European scope.

The first event of the SHINE Network will be an international congress taking place from November 20th to 22nd, 2019 in the Law Faculty of the University of Valencia that will regard the problems and challenges the sharing economy regulation faces counting with the presence of many of the European and American specialists that have studied the phenomenon. Both its registration and the papers proposals are open for appliance. 

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