PhD in Sociology. University of Valencia. Thesis. Women's Associations and the feminist movement. University Institute of Women's Studies (2006). Degree in Social Work (National University of Entre Ríos, Faculty of Social Work of Paraná, Republic of Argentina, 1992)
Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the Rovira i Virgili University (Tarragona, 1997)

She has worked as Social Worker / Social Worker, 22 years old, with passers-by or homeless people, in the Bétera Psychiatric Hospital and in the Provincial Council of Valencia, with minors interned in Programs of Equal Opportunities between Women and Men.

From 1986 to September 2012, she has been Professor of Social Work, Holder of University School (1992) and Professor of University (2006) of the University of Valencia, until his retirement in 2012. Performing different positions of university management: the first director of the University School of Social Work, Vice-Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Secretary of the Executive Commission of the Sud-Nord Board for International Cooperation of the UV.

She defines herself as an activist, committing herself from her professional work with the anti-psychiatric movement, in the deinstitutionalization of minors in boarding schools and with the policies of Equality from feminism.
Since her active participation in the "Debats on the situation of the Dons" Valencia, 1983, she has attended the Feminist Seminars of Valencia 1997, 2007 and 2017 where she makes the inaugural speech, to those held in Catalonia (Barcelona, ​​1986, 1996 and 2006) the State Days (Barcelona, ​​1985 Madrid 1993, Córdoba 2000, Granada 2009)
He participated in the Foundation of the Seminari d'Estudis Feministes of the University of Valencia and later has been a member of the Institut Universitari d'Estudis de la Dona.
She has been co-director of the first Master of On-Line Equality Agents and professor of the Master of Gender and Equality Policies. She has researched on equality policies, resources for women, women's associationism, the feminist movement, women's networks, cooperation ... making different publications and participating in congresses and conferences.
Valencian feminist web co-author:
https://feministasvalencianas.wordpress.com/ 2013
Isabel de Villena Prize for Equality of the City of Quart de Poblet

She has been guest professor in foreign universities: University of Camagüey and of Havana (Cuba); Faculty of Social Work of Paraná, National University of Entre-Ríos, Argentine Republic and in the CEIICH of the UNAM of Mexico (2009).

Full Professor at the University of the Department of Social Work and Social Services of the University of Valencia.

Honorary Professor at the University of Valencia. Faculty of Social Sciences 2013 confirmed 2016.

Degree in Social Work from the National University of Entre Rios. Argentine Republic; Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the Rovira i Virgili University. Catalunya PhD in Sociology from the UV.

Member of the Institut Universitari d'Estudis de la Dona de la UV.

Research on: Association of women and the Feminist Movement. Thesis and web Valencian Feminists

Isabel de Villena Award from the City Council of Quart de Poblet.

Stays abroad in the Faculty of Social Work of the University of Entre Rios of the Argentine Republic, Universities of Havana and Camagüey. Cuba and CEICHH of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

Teacher of the Master of Gender and Equality Policies of the UV IUED