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Reference Acronym Name Director
GIUV2013-016 AFIPS Physical Activity and Health Promotion Group Javier Molina García
GIUV2013-042 METRAS Measurement, Evaluation, Analysis and Data Processing of Traffic Accidents and Road Safety Jaime Sanmartín Arce
GIUV2013-048 ADHEME Didactical, historical and epistemological analysis of school mathematics Luis Rafael Puig Espinosa
GIUV2013-081 GIEL Research Group in the Teaching of Languages Carmen Rodríguez Gonzalo
GIUV2013-093 TRANSICIONS Transitions from education to work in contexts of Social Vulnerability Fernando Marhuenda Fluixà
GIUV2013-095 DIDGEOMAACC Group for research in geometry education and teaching to mathematically talented students Ángel Gutiérrez Rodriguez
GIUV2013-102 GREAV Research Group in University Pedagogy, Lifelong Learning and Sustainable Development Bernardo Gargallo López
GIUV2013-103 CREARI Cultural pedagogies research group Ricard Vicent Huerta Ramon
GIUV2013-105 CRIE Curriculum, Media Resources and Educational Institutions Ángel San Martín Alonso
GIUV2013-140 UIRFIDE Sport performance and physical fitness research group María Cristina Blasco Lafarga
GIUV2013-175 didacies Research group in science education and science teacher training Jordi Antoni Solbes Matarredona
GIUV2015-217 SOCIAL(S) Research and innovation group on Geography and History Teaching José Manuel P. Souto González
GIUV2015-218 TALIS Teaching and acquisition of solidarity and intercultural competences through languages and literature Elia Saneleuterio Temporal
GIUV2015-226 PHES Prevention and Health in Exercise and Sport Juan Carlos Colado Sánchez
GIUV2015-246 MOSISCOM Modeling Complex Systems: Personality, Brain and Social Systems Salvador Amigó Borrás
GIUV2015-265 GIPOS Research Team on Service Organizations Vicente A. Martínez Tur
GIUV2015-266 PsyCOR Psychology of organizational behavior José María Peiró Silla
GIUV2016-276 CLIMO Research Group on Climate, Culture, Leadership, and Measurement in Organizations Vicente González Roma
GIUV2016-280 CDC Pedagogical school content knowledge: grounds of the teachers' instructional analysis and action Vicente Sanjosé López
GIUV2016-288 Psicotext Psicotext Eduardo Vidal-Abarca Gámez
GIUV2016-290 GemEduco Assessment and Measurement Group: Education for Social Cohesion Jesús Miguel Jornet Meliá
GIUV2016-293 EMINA Research group on children and adolescents' emotional education Inmaculada Montoya Castilla
GIUV2016-298 PRU-UVEG Psychonomy Research Unit Hector Monterde i Bort
GIUV2016-306 HuMAG Human Movement Analysis Group Luis Millán González Moreno
GIUV2016-310 AFES Phyisical Activity, Education and Society Victor Manuel Pérez Samaniego
GIUV2016-316 READit Cognitive neuroscience and reading Manuel Perea Lara
GIUV2016-320 EnveCoEm Aging: cognition and emotions Juan Carlos Melendez Moral
GIUV2016-338 GREDUC Education, Knowledge and Emancipation Vicent Horcas Lopez
GIUV2016-340 IEMC Research on music education and creativity Jesús Tejada Giménez
GIUV2016-341 SALUSEX Promotion of sexual health in the general population and with functional diversity M.Dolores Gil Llario
GIUV2017-365 POLISOC Educational policies, interculturality and society Juan Manuel Fernandez Soria
GIUV2017-380 Labpsitec Labpsitec Valencia: Psychology and Technology Lab Rosa María Baños Rivera
GIUV2017-381 COS Body, movement, music and curricular practices Vladimir Essau Martínez Bello
GIUV2017-390 EDi Education and Diversity LGTBIQ+ Miquel Angel Oltra Albiach
GIUV2017-393 I'TOC Research and Treatment of Obsessions and Compulsions Desamparados Belloch Fuster
GIUV2018-418 INSTECH Instructional Technology: Designing effective learning environments Rafael García Ros
GIUV2018-422 BIDISCO Binge Drinking (alone or in polydrug with cannabis): memory and stress response. Concepción Vinader Caerols
GIUV2018-424 AGREFA Aggression and Family Gemma Pons Salvador
GIUV2018-431 ITEAC Research in Specific Learning Disabilities and Comorbidities (ITEAC) Manuel Soriano Ferrer
GIUV2018-434 GRIFAIN Research Group in Families and Childhood Paz Cánovas Leonhardt
GIUV2018-439 ELCIS Reading Literacy, Literary and Linguistic Education, Culture and Society Josep Ballester Roca

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